Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recovering Stolen Things

The Borger Police Department called me this afternoon and asked me to come in and identify stolen property.  I was so excited.  One officer had told me they'd recovered a hard drive and that was what I was most excited about!  This hard drive contains page after page of information from our food & clothing ministry.  It's information we have to turn in each year to the food bank...and information we use to receive grants from United Way.  It's just a ton of work.  And by the way, it's not work I've done, but what a volunteer, Janice Williams, has done.  We were praying to recover that hard drive.
But it wasn't there.  Gas cards were there (minus three of them), an old outdated Visa card was there, frozen food was there---but no hard drive and no monitor.  I'm so sad.  

Wedding Preparations

I guess since I have wedding on the brain (our anniversary, wedding pictures, etc.), God met me there today. Tell me about your wedding. Did you enter into it casually, comfortably, nonchalantly? I doubt it. If you're like me, you spent months (actually YEARS!) dreaming about it, reading Bride's magazines, saving for it, planning it and executing it. (You may argue that my pictures don't convey all that planning. ha!)
I know that with Amy's wedding, we started a year ahead of time. (And this was before Jay proposed---talk about faith! ha!) Amy wanted a Christmas wedding, so the year before, I went out and purchased Christmas lights and decorations when they were 80% off. We started storing and saving for the big day. That started a year of preparation. (Jay finally got around to proposing like in July! ha!) There was nothing casual about that year. In fact, when Matt started hearing Amy's wedding bells, he got on the ball and proposed to Lisa and we planned their wedding in 2 months. They were married 4 months before Jay & Amy. Trust me, there was nothing casual about that. And then David & Lindsey announced their intentions soon after and they were married 11 months after Jay & Amy. It was a wild ride---we just stayed in "wedding mode" that whole time.
But you know what? I loved it. I loved preparing. I loved fulfilling each of those brides' dreams---because I got to help plan and prepare all three. Just last February, Zach & Shanna were married. I got to help with those preparations, too. Every wedding was different--a different season, different colors, different dreams.
What are you doing to prepare for the biggest wedding of your dreams?!? Jesus is coming back soon. When the Bible was written, a Jewish man was engaged and then went to prepare a home for his bride. They didn't see each other during that time. And the bride prepared. She kept watch---because one day, without her knowing when, her bridegroom would show up for her. Do you think she had an idea of when it would be? Of course!!! She could see the signs---he was over there building their house---so I'm sure she walked by often to see how close it was to being finished. Their wedding would last for days. There had to be great preparation for guests who would stay for days! Lots of food, lots of gifts, lots of wine, etc. And then, she would go live with her husband in the home he'd prepared forever.
This morning, as my prayer partners & I met, we agreed we need to be preparing for the wedding. How do we prepare? Will we know when He's coming? Of course! We can see the signs He told us to look for. We CAN'T enter this time casually, nonchalantly, or comfortably as believers. We have to be focused. There needs to be an intensity about us. We need to be wise stewards. We need to be telling others about Christ. We need our oil lamps filled up just like the 5 wise virgins (bridesmaids) did in Matthew 25.
But just like we need to be prepared for that great wedding, even more we need to be prepared for that marriage. Are you? I keep reminding myself to be conformed to Christ---so that when I meet him, I won't be ashamed. It's time to purify ourselves. It's time to quit being casual. Put off your comfortable clothes and and get in shape---spiritual shape! You know, I told you that I was a size 7 in those wedding pictures. But with the intensity of all those preparations, I'd dropped to a 5---which is why my wedding dress isn't fitted. We should have that same intensity about us for this wedding! Be prepared for your wedding and the coming of your Bridegroom. Be ready to give yourself to Him purely and completely. Look up---He's coming!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thieves caught!

I got a phone call to come to the police station this afternoon. They caught the thieves! The policeman told me that he thinks most of the gas cards are recovered---at least 95%. And.....the exciting part.....he thinks our hard drive may have been recovered as well. You have no idea!! We hadn't backed up that information and it was going to be a killer to completely make new forms for 3 different ministries we do and input a year's worth of information. I'm so hoping it's OUR hard drive. I'm also very excited that my computer-genius son, David, is coming this weekend so he can put my computer back together! (Aren't you excited, Dave?) I was told none of it could be released until tomorrow when they get permission from the D.A. So I should know more tomorrow! I have no idea who the robbers are. But apparently, they were working out some deal w/ the police, because I was told the police were going to take them around town and video as the thieves told them how they broke in to each church/business. Please continue praying for their salvation.
Father, thank You. We asked for a miracle, and it looks like You're blessing us with one! Thank You for protecting all that was ours....or rather, Yours. I'm asking You to break these men's hearts. Let them see their need for You. Draw them by Your Spirit. What Satan has meant for evil, please turn to good. I love You, Daddy! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Skype may have to go in the trash!

All I'm saying is that I thought Skype was my friend. What could be more wonderful than getting to see 3 kids and their families, right? That's what I thought until last night.
We'd just gotten home from our fabulous trip to Cancun when Amy called and said the whole family was waiting to talk to us on Skype. The first sign of trouble was when they pointed the camera to Olivia and she saw her Buff & Gee and reached her chubby little arms up for us to hold her. HOW DO I GET THROUGH THAT COMPUTER TO PICK UP THAT BABY?!?! I played patty cake with her a few times to get us through that rough spot.
Then...minutes later, the camera is turned to Amy where Isaac has his head pressed into her side where he proceeds to have a melt-down. It was all I could do not to cry myself---or promise to hop on the next airplane to Florida! Oh my. This is harder than I thought it would be. But after some alone time with Ike and a bunch of silly faces, we left him laughing....I think.
After Skype-talking, Andy & I walked to our friends' house where we were having our small group. I looked up at my husband of 33 years and said, "I may be having to go to Florida soon----without you!" Ha!! I've almost got enough saved up for one plane ticket---but not 2. And with this kind of deal....I'm not sharing! And Skype's not invited, either.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our REAL Anniversary Trip

Ok....Andy & I only told our other kids that we were going to Lubbock for our anniversary. We didn't want them to be jealous. But actually, we met at Zach & Shanna's and made a run for Cancun for a quick weekend. What a blast!!! We felt like honeymooners again---hanging out with near-honeymooners themselves.

We got a random person to take our picture in front of the sign when we entered Cancun. We knew we'd need proof that we'd been there. I wish you could have seen the water---it was crystal clear---so amazing. You would have loved seeing Andy in his swimsuit. As you can tell, Shanna freezes everywhere! But I couldn't believe it when she was wearing a jacket at Cancun!! But we were having so much fun, I forgot to take alot of pictures.

When we got there, Shanna was determined to go square dancing. So she brought along her outfit so she could find a place to do that very thing. She also got Zach a matching shirt and bolo tie so that everyone would know that they were together and belonged solely to one another for the dances. But Zach wouldn't let me take his picture with her. Zach also had a cowboy hat, so I'm sure that's part of the reason he wouldn't let me take his picture. (It was so sweet to see what a new husband was willing to do for his bride who gave "that look" that talked him into square dancing!!) But look at Shanna----she didn't care---she was ready to go dancing!

Anyway, we had a wonderful 33rd anniversary. Thanks for the trip to Cancun, Zach & Shanna. It was awesome!!
(Ok...we really went to Lubbock, ate at Cancun, and Andy didn't have on a swimsuit. Shanna is wearing the square dancing outfit for Halloween at work and Zach did NOT dress up! A girl can dream.....)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

33 Years!

Today, Andy & I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary. So I got up early this morning and rummaged until I found our wedding album and since I don't have a scanner that works, I took pictures of pictures. They may not be great quality, but you'll get the general idea of what we looked like 33 years ago. Take into consideration that Andy had a long mustache the day before we got married---and I'd never seen him without one!! So it was a total surprise when I saw him on our wedding day. I thought he was going to pass out during the ceremony---but he was just actually a little whiter where his mustache had been. ha!

My dad walking me down the aisle. Andy & I were married on a Saturday, September 27, 1975. Notice the woman in the background wearing gloves. I got my dress at Daisy's in Amarillo.

I don't think unity candles were very old at this point. Isn't my arrangement lovely? I had a cathedral veil.....and was a size 7. Sigh.....

Here we are leaving after the ceremony. Andy chose my bouquet himself. I LOVED it!!! Love that ruffled shirt, don't you?

This is the reason you save a napkin....so you can take a picture of it 33 years later. Don't you love the blue???

So in love. I had thought about children. I was thinking 4. But I never thought past the point of the oldest one being about 6 years old. I certainly never considered being a GRANDMOTHER!!

Our wedding party. Don't you love my bridesmaid's hats? If you'll notice, each bridesmaid's dress was just a little bit different---not by design. They each had a different seamstress and it just happened. The flower girl and ring bearer were my little cousins. The flower girl's dress was a Holly Hobby pattern.

Yes! We had blue punch. Quite tasty! Andy was 25 years old and I was 19. When we left the church to make our getaway, I was supposed to toss my bouquet. But instead, Andy dragged me down the steps of the church, I dropped my bouquet and I tore holes in my hose and my knees were bleeding. I couldn't find those pictures---but trust me, they were lovely! We went to Amarillo to our new apartment on our wedding night and then went to Red River, NM for our honeymoon.
Andy & I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary with our youngest son, Zach & his new wife, Shanna. They live in Lubbock. They just fed us a wonderful steak dinner. I reminded Andy of the 1st dinner we cooked for someone else. I made a pot roast....and the roast was....not done. So I fried it up on my electric skillet. I think I sat down and cried after they left. It was a disaster. Zach & Shanna are way ahead of the curve. I'm taking home a new recipe for apple dumplings that are out of this world!
It's hard to believe we've been married for 33 years. But they've been great. I married my best friend...and it's only gotten better. Thank You, God, for blessing me with the best!

Friday, September 26, 2008

2nd Post Today

I had to include some pictures I took at Living Water this morning. These are kids whose parents were there today. I got to try out my new printer---and sent these moms home with a photo of their children. Too much fun for me!! I loved it!

This is Em 'Rynn. The first time he saw me at Living Water, he held out his arms to me and yelled, "Nana!" His mom was as baffled as I was! I thought maybe I looked somewhat like his Nana....but he doesn't even live close to them or know them well. So Em 'Rynn & I have bonded. He was willing to sit and let me take his pic without mom around. Then he followed me to my office to watch his picture being made. Too cute!! Don't you love that hair???

This little girls was bashful at first, but she really opened up as I began snapping pictures. I wish my camera were faster---I missed some good shots. And I never found out her name.

Isn't she adorable? I never found out this beauty's name either. But she loved the camera. I think she'd had a little experience posing. Precious!

This morning, I found out about 4 more places in Borger were robbed last night. Calvary Baptist Church, Curves, Gerald's Office Supply & Onions. I told you about Carol who had information for the police. Well, the police never went to talk to her, so I took her to the police station after our Grocery Give-Away today so she could tell them what she knew---and she knew even more today. I think there have been about 10-12 places hit in Borger now. Please pray they get caught! And pray God changes their hearts.

Adopted Daughters

Our chuch has an Adopt-A-Student program at our local college---Frank Phillips College. FPC gets students from all over the world---literally! It's a mission field at our doorsteps. This year, Andy & I were asked to take a girl from The Congo. She's only 17 years old and is here to play basketball. Actually, she started out in the states last year in Florida, so she's starting her 2nd year in college already! She hasn't been home in all that time. We found out last night that she is very homesick---she's been crying herself to sleep every night. She does talk to her family every day via Skype, but it's just not the same. She's also injured her knee, which will require surgery, so she's not even able to play basketball. She'll wait til she goes home next summer to have the surgery. So, we've adopted Amanda from The Congo.

When we went to pick her up last night for our first time together, we asked her if there was a friend she'd like to invite along---that always makes it easier for the student. She wanted to invite Jenine to go with us to eat at Lone Star (they decided). Jenine is from Seattle (and doesn't like coffee, she says) and is here for her first year of college as a cheerleader. She's very excited. They don't think classes are too hard yet (as long as you go, they said) but they just haven't made many friends at this point. Please be praying for these girls as they adjust to Borger (they're both from CITIES!!) and as we minister to them. By the end of the evening, Jenine said she'd like to be our daughter, too. So we have 2 adopted daughters this year. And as you can tell, Andy introduced them to his addiction of popsicles last night. ha! Jenine is on the left and Amanda is on the right. We had a blast with them last night!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kickin' Butt

Sorry if I offended you with the title of my post, but...it could have been worse! I've laughed all morning. I've learned that the people we help on a regular basis here at Living Water are extremely loyal to us and defensive for us. I had a "lady" I'll call Carol that called me this morning. She says the word on the street is a man is back in town who robs churches. He was here a year ago when churches were being robbed...and now he's back. She knew his name, where he's staying---and was on her way out the door to go "kick his butt!!" (And that's not what she really said!) I calmed her down and told her I'd give the info to the police and we should let them do their job.
The story goes that another "lady" came to Carol's house last night and was plastered (or really drunk, for all you sweet peas) and started yielding all this info. Carol literally picked up this lady and carried her home---which just shows you Carol is capable of kickin' butt!
I just think it's awesome that so many people we help on a regular basis here at Living Water have called and wanted to come help clean up, find the stolen goods, or....go "kick butt!!" These are serious supporters!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Favorite Things

I took up Amy's challenge to post my favorite things. Be very glad---I deleted about 15 pictures!! But it gave me an opportunity to play with this new camera. So hang on---here we go!

One of my very favorite things---my very own car. Andy & I shared a car for YEARS! This one is very special to me. Isn't it cute?

This is my favorite Fall centerpiece. It's from David & Lindsey's wedding. I still love it after all these years later!

Ummmmm....I love flavored coffee. And this is my favorite. I also love Hazlenut in this brand. It's very mild, yet flavorful. And the best thing is--you can get it at United.

Some of my favorite people. These are "the guys" that volunteer at Living Water---who also share their wisdom with me.

This is awesome! These are photos Lissa Anglin (see her blog---you can find it on my blog) took at Zach & Shanna's wedding. It's in a board book format. Zach & Shanna surprised us with this book. I love it!

This is not the baby bed my kids slept in---but it's been the one my grandkids have used at my house. I love walking in the room and seeing it---and the memories I have of each of the grandkids sleeping in it, climbing out of it, throwing up in it....

This is the big screen tv we bought last fall---all 52 inches of it! It's been great fun for the guys to watch their football games on---and for the girls to watch the chick flicks on!

This is a scroll Marcy brought back from China. I believe it's the Lord's Prayer in Chinese.

This is my whirlpool bathtub!!!! I absolutely LOVE it! I use it at least once a week. The neat thing is that we found it at Cheapo Depot in Borger when we were remodeling and I got it for $125! Woo-Hoo!

These were the 1st sketches I purchased for myself of my grandkids--in China. I've gotten some more---I just need to get them framed! This artist is INCREDIBLE!

My laptop. A man donated this to me to use for Living Water---but specified it was for me to KEEP! YEA!!!

My very favorite person in the whole world! I love his addiction to popsicles!

Two pictures of my bedroom. Some of my favorite people in the world transformed our house last year. Almost everything in this room is brand new. They decorated it themselves. BEAUTIFUL!!

There you have it----some of my very favorite things....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Warning: You may disagree with what I'm about to say. That's o.k. I just want us all to be led by the Spirit---but I feel the need to warn my family & friends.

I wouldn't post this if I weren't concerned. Have you read the headlines lately? Just today on FoxNews.com here are some of the headlines:
*Russia Sends Warship to Caribbean--a warning to the U.S.
*Iranian President Blames U.S. for Global Market Collapse
*Mind Scan Against Terror
*Rescue Planned for Woman Trapped in Home by Giant Pig (Just kidding---really a headline, but has nothing to do with what I'm about to say!)

For some time, I've been feeling the need to prepare for disaster. And then when we had so many hurricanes this season, that feeling was reinforced. I'm not a gloom & doom prophet. I don't think we all need to run to the hills and hide in caves. But....there's just something in me saying we need to prepare. This feeling was reinforced when I shared my thoughts with some friends and they'd been feeling the same way! It may be a natural disaster that hits, it could be the collapse of our economic system, it could be anything. What I'm proposing is this: Talk to your spouse. Pray together. And see if God leads you to prepare in any way. It could just be stocking up on water and flashlights with batteries. Blankets, food, oil lamps, a generator. I don't know. But just consider it and pray about it.

I know firsthand what people do when they get desperate. I saw it when I walked into Living Water yesterday. God tells us in II Timothy 3, "But understand this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear]. For people will be lovers of self and [utterly] self-centered, lovers of money and aroused by an inordinate [greedy] desire for wealth, proud and arrogant and contemptuous boasters. They will be abusive (blasphemous, scoffing), disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane. [They will be] without natural [human] affection (callous and inhuman), relentless (admitting of no truce or appeasement); [they will be] slanderers (false accusers, troublemakers), intemperate and loose in morals and conduct, uncontrolled and fierce, haters of good. [They will be] treacherous [betrayers], rash, [and] inflated with self-conceit. [They will be] lovers of sensual pleasures and vain amusements more than and rather than lovers of God."

Here's a website to check out for disaster preparedness by The Red Cross:

And finally, I leave you with this word from God: II Timothy 1:7, "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control."

Monday, September 22, 2008


I got to work at 8:55 this morning at Living Water. Several people were waiting outside the door, so we all came in together. My mind was on helping all these people this morning. Then I stepped into my office and realized----WE'VE BEEN ROBBED!!!!
Stuff was everywhere. But I calmly (can you believe it?!?) walked over to my phone and dialed 911. I told the woman that answered that Living Water had been burglarized. Her response was, "Oh no." We're the 5th place in Borger to be hit. The other 4 were churches. Someone must be mad at God!
There was stuff EVERYWHERE! I sent everyone home and waited outside til the police arrived. He had me walk through with him to help him find where they gained entrance. It was the back door---which is steel! But they just jimmied the lock. Man! We were so easy to break into! Friday, I'd had this weird feeling and I'd locked the filing cabinet where our checks are kept and put the key in a new hiding place. They didn't need a key---they just ruined the filing cabinet. They stole a bunch of gas cards that I give for people to go to doctors in Amarillo. We made our way to the food room---and three freezers were still open! Jerks!! The least they could have done was close the doors. They stole quite a bit of chicken, of all things. Guess they weren't beef lovers, because it doesn't look like it was touched!
The policeman had me go with him to Toot 'N Totum. We had to take care of some business about the gas cards. Then he took me with him to the police station to fingerprint me!! ME!! They wanted to do comparison fingerprints with what they found in my office, he said. He also wanted a couple more people to come in and be printed. By the way, he told me I should not take up a life of crime because I have very distinct prints! ha!
I came back and the police packed up and left. Then I was left with the MESS!! I just stood and kept looking at it all. I couldn't figure out where to begin! So instead, I called Andy and asked him to bring me some lunch. ha! After I ate, I worked on cleaning everything up. Not just the burglar's mess---but the policemen had fingerprint dust everywhere! UGH! So I did it....one piece of paper at a time.
They stole the gas cards, an outdated debit card (HA!), a computer, a monitor, food....and I don't know what else yet. They ruined my filing cabinet and busted the door. I wish I'd brought my camera to work today so I would've had pictures to show you. But I'm glad it wasn't here to be stolen!
It's a little creepy being here by myself now.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday School

This morning in Sunday School, we were in I Samuel 2. It's the story of where Hannah weans little Samuel and takes him to the temple to be raised by the priest. Can you imagine?? This must not have been as uncommon as it sounds. I mean...new priests had to be raised up each generation. And unfortunately, Eli wasn't raising up stellar priests at his own house. What faith Hannah must have had!!! To give her son, her only son, to a priest who wasn't doing such a fine job as a father. And the whole country knew he wasn't doing such a fine job.
But of course, Hannah gave Samuel to GOD, not really to Eli. Still. It took faith.
I love Hannah's story. It's also the story of redemption. If you study it out, Samuel was from the clan of Korah, descendants of Levi. This was the same clan that challenged Moses & Aaron. They were priests who came to these leaders and said, "Who chose you to lead? We're as holy as you are!" And as a result of their arrogance, the earth swallowed them up. (After a bunch of other things!)
And then there's Hophni & Phineas. Eli's sons. They were from a godly clan, also of the tribe of Levi---the tribe set aside by God to be priests. And these guys were unholy---doing things God had exactly told them NOT to do. They were cheating, stealing and prostituting.
A word that came to my mind this morning as Carl taught us is this: It really doesn't matter who or where you come from. Your heritage is unimportant. What matters is that your heart is wholly after God. It matters that you obey Him. And if you do, great things can happen. God can redeem even the worst situation. And in turn, you can become a "redeemer" of a people, a nation, a family line.
Father, keep my heart. I don't want to be like the Korathites or Hophni & Phineas. I want to be set apart. I want to hear you when you call me like Samuel did. I want to chase after you. I want to obey you. Keep my heart, Father. I love you, Daddy! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eventful Day!

United Way has a service project once a year for the elderly. They can sign up to have someone come and do jobs that don't usually get done. Liz, Andy's mom, signed up this year to have a roof put on her patio and some yard work done. Of course, we signed up to help her. I took my trusty new camera to get some pics of what went on. We have some great people here in Borger who are so willing to help. And help they did!! You'll notice Tibby & Terry Rogers trimming trees (they trimmed every tree in her yard!), Robby & Tina Yarbrough helped put on the roof, as did Bobby McElreath. Kay McElreath and a woman named Mary did yard work---as did I. Liz spent the day trying to give people Raspberry tea and brownies, fudge and banana nut bread. It was quite a day---we're exhausted! Thank you, United Way and Volunteers! (Don't tell anyone that I used the word "elderly" in the same paragraph as Andy's mom!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The battery is all charged up, I've learned what some of the buttons are for, and I've figured out how to import the photos to my computer. Unfortunately, I tried taking photos of these mums with every different setting....but I don't remember which settings birthed the photos I liked best. So much to learn....
I'm very pleased with my first adventure with my camera...er, Living Water's camera. If only Andy had been home so I could actually take a picture of a person! But mission meetings are important, too, I guess....
So....instead, I took a photo of one of his favorite things. He's going to be so proud....

Now the real reason Living Water purchased a camera is to take photos of children and families who come there for groceries. They don't have many pictures of themselves. So we even purchased a little printer to print out photos so they can take them home that day. MAN! I wish I was going to be there tomorrow to send everyone home with a photo!! But maybe my skills will improve in a week's time....and they don't know what they're missing...yet!


Ok...it's actually for Living Water. But if I don't use it, who will? So, I've got the battery charging, I'm taking the manual home to read (maybe Andy will do that part), and I'm gearing up for tomorrow. Oh SHOOT! I have to go to a workshop tomorrow at the food bank. Oh well, you'll see pictures soon!! Hang on to the seat of your pants. I know you're waiting with bated breath!!
In case you're interested, it's a Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 with 10.1 mega pixels with a Carl Zeiss lens. Woo-Hoo!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things are a-changin'

Our guys singing at a chapel service.

Volunteers bagging groceries.

Volunteers taking groceries to the clients' cars.

I'm so excited! I found out I have to be at a mandatory workshop at the food bank (not the exciting part yet) Friday. Friday is the day we give out groceries here at Living Water. It's a crazy day!! And it's the one day I hate missing the most. But what's a girl to do?
I asked a guy to preach at our chapel service who is a regular and knows how things run here. I also got someone who is great to come sing that day. I was going to get the preacher-guy to lead our prayer time...and then I stopped. Why not ask one of our "clients" who is really growing?
You see, when I first started here, I wanted to change the atmosphere of our chapel day. Instead of everyone coming in embarressed and cowed down, I wanted them to know we were delighted to have them here! So the first thing I started was a refreshment table. We have cookies or doughnuts, coffee and juice--where they help themselves. The next thing I started was a Give-Away Shelf. I put garage sale-type items on this shelf and put a little sign, "Free Stuff--Help Yourself!" And they have. (I had to laminate a little sign and tape it on the shelf itself after the framed version was taken! Is that not hysterical?? I still laugh every time I think of that. ha!) The next thing I added was a prayer time---praying for the clients' prayer needs. It was very successful!! We started seeing incredible answers to our prayers---God wanted them to know He is God! Then we added a praise time---where people openly shared answers to their/our prayers. The whole atmosphere at Living Water has really changed.
It's so exciting to see things grow and change. We already have 2 clients who love to take their turn singing during our chapel service. And I know it was God who prompted me this morning to ask this woman to lead our prayer time Friday. She'll do a great job!! I can't wait to hear all about it when I get home. And since that worked so well, I called another woman and asked her to call out the numbers to hand out the groceries. She was delighted that I asked her. I just can't wait to see where this will lead.
I'm already excited because so many of our clients are getting involved in the 8 churches that support Living Water--some have even been baptized. Lives are being changed. They are seeing God at work. And so am I.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A dear friend came by to see me today. She knew I was struggling (since I shared it with my life group, of which she is a part). She's struggled herself in the past few years...she lost her husband. She'd told me a story a couple of years ago of her sweet husband before he died. He knew he was dying and they were at a wedding. He asked her to dance. She thinks now that he knew it would be their last dance.
She encouraged me a couple of years ago to spend time "dancing" with my husband. But today, she came by to tell me that I needed to spend time dancing with God.
Immediately, a picture came to my mind. As a little girl, my daddy would let me step on his feet and we'd dance. It usually didn't last long (enough!), but he'd twirl me and we'd laugh. I absolutely LOVED it! I think that's why I love to dance with my grandchildren and twirl them---I remember that feeling. I felt special. I felt loved.
I agreed with my dear friend today. I told her I'd go dance with God.

Thank You

A big thanks to all of you who are praying for me.  And I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all of the ideas to help me through this hard spot.  I think I might just spend a week indulging in each idea!!  THAT would be heavenly.
Right now, I'm asking God for Truth.  Truth that sets free.  And I'm resting, exercising, praying and listening.  And I'm trying not to "give out" but to "take in."
Again, thanks for praying.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok...I gave Lindsey opportunity to post this first, but she hasn't----so I must.

Before they came to Borger this weekend, they were driving on I-40 in Amarillo. They passed Chuck E Cheese. Ryan saw it and said, "Look Mama! Chuck E Cheese. Proud sponsor of PBS Kids."
I've laughed everytime I've thought of it! (So did our life group last night!)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I didn't realize until today when I was talking to Lindsey that I was just depressed. I knew I'd been unusually tired lately, but hadn't attributed it to depression. I don't get depressed often (hardly ever!!), so God has to knock me over the head to make me realize what's going on in my heart and mind sometimes.
I think most of it has to do with the inordinate amount of counseling we've been doing lately. We've counseled several people who were suicidal, marriages falling apart, some who may be going to prison over their sin, etc. Then add to that the burdens my own kids are carrying (which I tend to help carry), and I think I'm just ready for a break.
I'm just being honest here. I could use your prayers. Isn't it interesting? I really think blogging brought this to light. I got real with myself. I've also recognized how important visual reward is to me (for real!) and decided it was time for me to see some reward with the money I'm making. So...I've hired a housecleaner today. (And boy, does it need it!) Now THAT I can get excited about!!
Thanks for praying.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


As you can tell, I'm overly amazed with technology. Yesterday, Andy went and spent some of his birthday money. He bought a camera to use with our computer so we can call and see our family via Skype. Can I tell you that it is AMAZING?!?! Our maiden voyage was calling Jay last night, in Florida, getting it all set up. It was like we were in his bedroom with him, talking to him face-to-face. He turned off his lights and asked if we could still see him. Since we could, he took his laptop upstairs and let us see his boys asleep. AAAAHHHHHH!!! Too cute!
David & Lindsey got here as we were talking to Jay & Amy (after she got home from a night out w/ the girls) and we lost control. Ryan & Addie Belle had to talk to Uncle Jay & Aunt Mamie. Actually, I think they were mostly watching themselves on the screen. But it was lots of fun.
This morning, "Hey," as Ryan & Addie call him, called and we talked to he and Shanna from Lubbock.
*Sidenote: Our names are a little crazy around here. Ryan & Addie call Zach "Hey" because they would walk in while he was waking up and he'd playfully yell, "HEY!" at them. So...he became "Hey!" That's actually what they call him. Isaac named him Mumzie before he became Hey. This was when Jay & Amy lived with us and Zach still lived at home. So Isaac loved his Uncle Zach from the beginning. He couldn't say "Uncle Zach," so it became a combination and ended up "Mumzie." There's Buff, Gee, Pops, Guh, Gran, Mamie, Uncle Joy, Mumzie, Hey, Aunt La La, Umdie....it just doesn't stop.
So anyway, back to this amazing camera---this morning, we got to see Isaac wiggle that loose tooth, Josiah showed us his Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas, and Olivia reached out for us. Amy said she never sits that still, but apparently she takes after her Gee in her fascination with technology!
It was so much fun seeing everyone in live action across the miles. I know that these 2 grandparents are going to give this new gadget quite a workout---thank you, babe, for that birthday purchase! And Zach, Mumzie, Hey....we're sorry we bumped you off in favor of the grandkids.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I had a new revelation yesterday as I was counseling (of all things!). I was telling this woman that the only person we can control is ourselves. Immediately the scripture came to my mind that one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. So I can't even control myself apart from the Spirit of God!!
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23

Online banking

Are any of you online banking geeks? I no longer wait for my hard copy banking statement to come in the mail. I balance my account about once a week. This is a miracle! I used to hate balancing---and it caused a few problems---ok, a lot of problems. And when I had to wait a month to do it, those missing pennies would drive me nuts!! I have to have it come out exactly to the penny....I'm pretty compulsive that way. (I honestly had no idea how compulsive I really was til I started blogging---and all this stuff just started coming out!)
In fact, I've found the checking-to-savings-transfer online and it's given me new vision and hope! I may actually have money saved by Christmas. WOW!
But this morning, I went online for my usual run and found a transaction missing!! Where's all my SAVINGS??? I've been so proud of my savings....and it was one transaction short. I got on the phone and called my local banker and....it just didn't get transferred. At least it's still in the checking account. I would have really flipped out if it was just GONE. I just hope that when Christmas comes around I'm willing to take that money out of savings. You know how much I like visual rewards!!
But the most amazing thing is that Andy & I had just gotten back from Subway where we'd eaten lunch----and that transaction was already online! Man! Amazing. I love online banking. Just wish they'd had it years ago. Could've saved me a lot of problems.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Analytical Mind

Let me start off by telling you my story from yesterday. I was carrying some things in from my car to Living Water (the benevolence ministry I direct) and my foot caught on the curb. As I was going down, I thought, "This is going to hurt!" It did. I went sliding hands first, knees second, across the graveled sidewalk, collecting gravel as I went. It was one of those times where no one could see me (I was on MAIN STREET of Borger, mind you!) because of the cars parked in front of me. And it was the one time I wished someone did see me so they could come to my rescue!! I really thought I'd cracked my knee. I knew it was hurt when I first looked at it---I could see gravel indentations in my knee. Oh boy. If you knew me very well, you'd know I have a history of falling in some bizarre places. Andy told me yesterday that it would behoove me to slow down---especially before I become a senior citizen and have the possibility of breaking a hip or something! I agree. And I only tell you this story to generate some sympathy.

My prayer partner & I were talking over lunch last week about situations in our lives. You'd love listening in on our conversations. We get together and "dump" what has happened in our lives since we last saw one another and then begin analyzing these situations---trying to learn everything God wants us to learn through them. Then we pray together. Now you must know, we see each other almost every day! ha! But you'd be amazed at how much can happen in a day---stuff we need to analyze! Back to lunch. We were examining, analyzing and talking when I asked her, "Do you think we overanalyze things?" Her immediate response was, "YES!!" We decided then and there that we need to just "Let be and be still...and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 (Re: Day 1 of 30 Days of Praise) We need to accept what comes at us, receive the lessons we need to learn and then shake it off. The shaking off is the hard part! I want to stretch it, taste it, touch it, handle it, look at it, stare at it, move it from one place to another to get a different perspective on it, put it in different lighting to see if there's a difference, etc., etc.....

Am I all alone in this? I want to learn how to receive the message God wants me to learn from these experiences without manhandling it to death. I think when I put undue attention on situations, I lock myself into it. I get stuck. I want to learn how to gain understanding...and then move on. Does any of this make sense? Or am I overanalyzing my overanalyzing?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You've gotta do this!

When I started my blog, I asked my computer-genius son to give me a code to count everyone who came to my site. (I'm all about visible reward!) And he did. It's not just a counter, it's so, so much more! In fact, last night, I told Tamra that I've had several blog stalkers coming to my blog from her blog---this stat counter does all that! It gives you a map of the world to see where everyone lives who has come to your site. You can go to this site daily and see how many have visited, where they're from, whose blog they visited before coming to yours, etc. It doesn't give you their identity, but it does show you their computer server. You're going to LOVE it! It's so much fun. I stay logged into it and cruise by and see what's going on every once in awhile! I don't think Tamra had any idea she was being stalked so much!
So....here are the instructions:
1. Go to http://www.statcounter.com
2. You'll need to set up an account. It says there are 4 easy steps in setting this up. (Mine was even easier---David did it for me!!) At the end, it will give you a code for your website. Copy that.
3. Go to "customize" on your blog.
4. Go to "layout."
5. Click on "Add a Gadget."
6. Scroll down and click on "HTML/JavaScript."
7. Insert your saved code in this box.
8. Click on "Save."
There you go! You'll have a counter on your blogsite. But in order to see all your information, you'll have to go to http://www.statcounter.com and log in. When you do, go to Project Name which is blogspot on mine. When you get there, look at all the statistics on the left and start clicking! This is so much FUN!!!
**And don't worry all you Blog-Stalkers---you're SAFE! We still don't know who you are!!!**

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Book Review

This weekend I read a book that was recommended to me. It's called "Princess" by Jean P. Sasson. My friend, Donna, has moved to Qatar because of her husband's job. Qatar is east of Saudi Arabia. It's a totally different country and...the 2 countries aren't friends. Donna recommended the book because she's now around Muslim women who wear veils. It brought her understanding and she thought I would enjoy it since I love to read. My county library had the book, so I immediately went and checked it out.
What an eye-opener! I had no idea what the lives of Saudi women were like. And actually, this is a tale of a royal Saudi woman; hence, the title, The Princess. Jean tells the tale of a princess of the royal Saudi family--who rules over Saudi Arabia. The country is totally male-dominated, with little regard for women. From the time a baby boy is born, he's revered. A girl is totally neglected by her father until she's of marriageable age---around 14. A daughter is valuable only for the dowry she brings to her father. She may be married to a man her grandfather's age---and she may be the 4th wife of this man!
Men are expected to use and abuse women. (This book is very forthright with its stories, but I felt it was told in a tasteful manner.) In fact, this book gave me understanding of the attitude Muslims have towards the U.S. I know it's hard to see why I came to that conclusion in the same paragraph of men using and abusing women...but if you read the book, you'll see why. I don't want to give everything away!
If you have even an inkling of wanting to understand women of other countries and cultures, you MUST read this book! I highly recommend it! Thanks, Donna!!

If my people...

This morning, my prayer partners & I met to pray. We decided it was time to do something for our election. In fact, another friend in our church has been trying to get us burdened to pray for our country...but we've micromanaged it til nothing has happened. So we thought it was time to take action.
We called our minister and asked his permission to open the worship center each Tuesday until Election Day from 8-4 for people to come in and pray. We'll have scripture there for everyone---no political platforms---just scripture. Then they can come at the time that is convenient for them and pray---using the scripture as a guide. I think it's time to humble ourselves, confess our sins and seek God's face. Just like II Chronicles 7:14-16 says, "Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to every prayer made in this place. For I have chosen this house and set it apart to be holy—a place where my name will be honored forever. I will always watch over it, for it is dear to my heart."
We decided to make banners to hang in our church with this scripture. THEN we even took it a step further and decided to get a billboard with a short version of II Chronicles 7:14 on it---and call our city to prayer.
I hope you'll join us. You don't have to make banners or buy a billboard---but what if you did? What if we all called on our people to pray? Aren't you ready to take a stand? Don't you want to see God move on us once again? I want to do my part. I don't want to face God saying, "I just didn't know what to do to help." Just open your home, your church...and ask like-minded people to come pray for our nation.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The birthday boy

Today is Andy's 58th birthday.  And he did get more than Charmin toilet paper.  Although, he did tell Amy that "mom never buys the good stuff," so...that's what he got!  But I caved.  I went out today and got him some new fun tools for his grill.  I couldn't find that cool grill cleaner he saw on tv.  Maybe next year.
Liz, his mom, & I took him out to dinner.  He chose to go eat at China Dynasty.  (On your birthday?  Really??)  Then we took his mom to Senior Adult Game Night at the church---and hung out with the senior adults for about an hour.  ha!  Then Andy had an elders' meeting, so it's been a pretty fun day, all in all!   (Senior Adult game night....elders' meeting...get it?  HA!!)
Isn't he cute?  Here's my sweetie with 2 of his cute, happy grandbabies---about a year ago.  I need new pictures!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aren't Sundays a Day of Rest?

When did Sundays QUIT being a day of rest? Is it like this for everyone---or just for church staff? Let me outline my day for you. The alarm went off at 7. I got up and put a breakfast casserole into the oven for our Sunday School breakfast for all the adult Sunday Schools. I also put on a crockpot full of green beans for the Deacon/Widow lunch after church. (Thanks for that idea, Sandra! Worked great!) I got to church at 8:30 and helped get the tables set up for the breakfast. Then I went and opened the library for 30 minutes. We ate breakfast, Andy taught, I cleaned up and we went to "big church." We had a great service, by the way. As soon as church was over, I went to see if the library was manned (it was), so I went to the fellowship hall to help set up for the lunch. We ate and I gathered my dishes and headed home. I came home and cleaned up my kitchen that I hadn't cleaned before I left this morning---and then made a batch of brownies for the Adopt-A-Student cookout tonight. Then I cleaned up more mess. I did get to lay down for 1 1/2 hours. I left the house at 3:30 to go to the church to fill the goodie bags for the college students. Then I drove the church van to the college and began setting up for the cookout. Donna M. & I decided the men hadn't gotten enough food, so I made a run to United for more of everything. Got back, helped serve food, greeted students, handed out goodie bags and came home. I got home at 8:30 p.m.!! I am EXHAUSTED!!! I know not every Sunday is like this....but come on! I'd like that day of rest that God promised!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Found the Washing Soda

Check it out!

Andy's birthday

Monday is Andy's birthday. (yeah, Phil's too---7 minutes' difference) This morning Jodina called and wanted to have us and some other friends over tonight to christen their new outdoor kitchen, which is FABULOUS, by the way. I told her I'd bring a birthday cake for Andy. Now I'm up to my elbows with ice cream, too.
It's so funny the older you get, the less you care about birthdays! Some people stress over certain ages, but it's never bothered me. It's just another day, in my opinion. Plus...Andy is almost 6 years older than me (please don't tell me how shocked you are!), so by the time I get there, it just isn't as painful.
We don't even care about gifts anymore. (Although Andy did mention he saw some steam cleaner thing for grills that has piqued his interest!) I mean, I already have everything I want. In fact, I'm telling my kids this year that all I want for Christmas is an 8x10 photo of their family. I don't even care if it's one they've taken themselves! I am finally motivated to get my photo screen filled up!! (There's also a smaller space for each grandkid to have 2 photos each--hint, hint, Amy & Lindsey)
Anyway, happy 58th birthday, Andy. That age looks great on you, babe!! (I got him some Charmin---what more could he want?!?)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Patsy Steele

I heard from Patsy Steele this evening---on Facebook, no less! She told me that their area had been evacuated one evening as a precaution by the community leader. She said the military has set up a military presence in their town and helicopters are flying over their area looking for rebels continually. She asked us to be praying for them to have wisdom---but they've taken this opportunity to have the students examine their hearts and see if they trust God for their safety---and if they have a true burden for ministry. She said they've been studying Paul and all he endured for the sake of the gospel.
Please continue praying for their safety----and praise God Patsy hasn't been kidnapped---just evacuated by the community leader.

One thing I've learned....

I've learned, that for some reason, if you post more than one blog a day, the earliest one is the only one that shows up! So I've started clicking on the person's name, rather than on the blog post, so that I can see everything they've said that day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Steele's

I want to ask you to be praying for Scott & Patsy Steele. Patsy grew up in Borger at First Baptist Church (her family still goes here) and they are missionaries in the Philippines. They've started a seminary there. Scott recently came back to the states for his mother's 90th birthday. He got word that while he was gone, some terrorist Muslims attacked the compound where their home and seminary are located. They don't know if Patsy and the 20-50 students had time to flee or if they've been taken captive. Please pray that God protects them, comforts them and makes His presence very real to them!! And if they are in hiding, that they find a way to make contact with Scott. This is the same general area where Martin & Gracia Burnham were kidnapped in 2002. Scott & Patsy are about our age. Their children are grown and all live in the States. Please pass this prayer request on to all the prayer warriors you know! Thanks.


I don't know how you feel about Jack Van Impe, but I personally like to watch him & his wife occasionally. I mean, the man has over 15,000 verses memorized!! They talk about the end times---and use headlines of today's newspapers to show how prophecy is being fulfilled. Last night, he said, "Beware! Seducing spirits have been unleashed."
I was already concerned this week when I read a letter from a young woman who is going to a Christian college. She said, "God is pro-choice. He's always given His people choice; therefore, He's pro-choice." She was talking about abortion.
Isn't it crazy? But Satan is good at that. He twists scripture in people's minds. There's just enough truth to make it sound plausible.
I encourage us all to become TRUTH-SEEKERS! "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 And then, "For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God's chosen ones)." Matthew 24:24 It's going to be imperative the closer we get to Jesus' coming to stay in the Truth!! That's where my heart is today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I was so excited to come home from work yesterday and to see a large, no LARGE, envelope in my mailbox. In fact, the mailman had used my clothespin to attach the envelope to the mailbox so it wouldn't fall out! I was even more excited when I saw that it was addressed to Gee & Buff (the names Amy's kids call me & Andy) . I ran into the kitchen and opened the envelope. You can see what was inside....It was a HUG!! A hug from Isaac, Josiah & Olivia. And I didn't even know you could send hugs in the mail---especially all the way from FLORIDA!!
So when Buff got home, I showed him the envelope first. Then I had him turn around to see his hug that was now attached to the refrigerator. He got his hug...even though he didn't know how to do it very well....
But I know how to get hugs---I made sure those arms came all the way around me....
I love hugs from Florida.