Monday, July 28, 2008

Jay & Amy moving....

Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about Jay & Amy moving to Florida. I love my kids and, of course, I'm going to miss them....but you can't help but be excited for them when you see God moving so obviously in their lives. I think it's pretty much the same way I felt when Matt & Amy went off to college the first year. My friends expected me to have a melt-down, but I didn't. Matt & Amy were so excited, so eager for their independence, that it was easy to let them go. I was just as excited as they were. Plus, we'd seen God provide in some miraculous ways! It feels so good when you see God opening doors with such finesse.
Plus...I'm so proud of Amy, it hurts! You see, I was in pretty much the same situation at her age. In fact, I may have been 3 years older than she is. But Andy was given an opportunity to move to Winter Park, Florida (too close, it hurts!) at the same time that Borger wanted him. Andy really wanted to go to Florida to at least check it out, but I just couldn't. I wanted my kids growing up knowing their grandparents. So instead of letting Andy pursue his dreams, I stifled them, I think. Either direction was probably ok with God, but I helped us choose Borger.
I'm so proud that Amy is encouraging Jay to pursue his dream. And in the process, I believe God will meet Amy's dreams!
So...I am excited to see what is ahead for my kids and I'm working on a way to collect miles as I make pay for all those trips to Florida!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How does it feel to be the mom of a 30-year-old?

WOW! I can hardly believe my first-born is 30 today. Where was I when I was 30? I had 4 children with my oldest being 8. My youngest was 1 year old. I was living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and my husband was a youth minister to 600 kids! I was hardly involved with his youth ministry since I was raising our own little youth group. And now my son is 30 and has a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old. It's de-ja-vu!
I don't feel so "old" as I just feel "seasoned." I purposed when Matt was born that I was going to enjoy every stage of my kids' lives. That worked so well, that as they began leaving home, I purposed I was going to enjoy every stage of my own life. And I am.
It's so awesome being 52 and healthy! I love being around my kids and grandkids----and miss them like crazy when I don't get to see them often enough! But...God always has a way.
Tonight, that 9-year-old is spending the night with me. She's pretty hysterical. She has a great tan and is sporting her Hannah Montana blonde wig. She wanted to try on make-up, so we did. She also got to drink Coke and eat a cookie, which she doesn't do often. It's great being a grandma!'s made me pretty sentimental tonight thinking about my baby being 30 while spending time with his first-born. I think I'm liking 52.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm here, Marfaye!

Marcy insisted I give blogging a try. So I'm gonna try. I love writing. So maybe my musings will become the devotional Rachel's asked for. Maybe I need to tour around and see what everyone else does on blogspot. Here goes!