Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 Grandkids & Water

Four of the seven grandkids were here this afternoon and it was hot! So we headed to the waterpark in town. Caitlin & Alexis (Matt & Lisa's) in back and Ryan & Addie (David & Lindsey's) in front.

Amada is living with us this she joined in on the fun. Amada is a FPC student--here from The Congo.

Addie was the first one to jump on into the water. And she never got out---she loved it!

Alexis loved the guns that shot water and wasn't afraid to shoot at even the big boys!

I entered the fray at one point to try and get a gun for Addie. Why in the heck did I take the towel in the water with me?? One second later and a bucket emptied over my head. Drenched.

This is Ryan's first moment in the water---he only wanted to shoot the gun.

This was Ryan's 2nd and last moment in the water. He didn't like it much.

This is what Ryan did the rest of the time. Ha! He wanted everyone to know he didn't like it---and especially didn't like the kid on the other gun shooting HIM!

The 2 who sat out most of the time.

The 2 who loved every minute and didn't want to leave!

The mother hen getting everyone ready to go home.

This is what Ryan did when we got home. He does like water---if he's in control of it!

He & Pops also came and watered my little garden. Isn't it cute?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Jodina watched Beth Moore yesterday and filled me in this morning as we walked. Maybe you saw it. Beth quoted this Bible verse: "Her children rise up and call her blessed..." (Proverbs 31: 28) Beth asked, "Do you know what blessed means?" And, of course, Jodina & I did...ha! Actually, we'd studied it in relation to Matthew 5, but had not put it in context with this verse. Blessed=happy.
Of course, it's a little deeper than just happy, but.....
Do your children say you're happy? If they're young, will they rise up some day and say, "My mom was/is happy?"
Wow. I better start getting happy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Marketplace

It sounds so dumb. But it was huge. I was in the Marketplace on Farm Town. For those non-farmers, it's a game on Facebook and Marketplace is a place to sell your crops, look for a job, and hire workers. Lots of chit-chat goes on in that room. A girl named Glory walked in. I began "singing" Glory, Glory Hallelujah. That's all I typed. Those 3 words. And I was stoned by a dozen farmers! Phrases like, "We're not all Christians in here!" "Keep your religion to yourself!" "God does not exist." "We don't want that in this place." It wasn't random---it was constant. I was so stunned, I didn't even know how to respond!!
Last night, a friend on Facebook quoted words to a song that talks about In God We Trust being the American motto. Same thing. He was stoned.
I keep telling my kids I have a unique perspective---like everyone my age. I grew up in the day when America was a Christian nation. We trusted our neighbors. Kids wandered all over town at 9 years old. It was Mayberry. So it's a little overwhelming to realize we're no longer a Christian nation. But....I didn't think we were to the place of stoning Christians...until last night.
Last Sunday night, we met our small group at Pizza Duo. Margaret is German and was telling us about her family who lived in Germany during the holocaust. Her granddad worked underground to fight the Nazi regime. He sent his daughter, Margaret's mother, to work for a baker and she lived behind the bakery for her protection. She was 14. The mayor of the city hid Margaret's grandfather in his home because the Nazis were hunting him, wanting to kill him. It was an incredible story.
That conversation, the Marketplace, and the motto have all caused me to think about our future here in the states. We need to get ready. Be prepared. What are you going to do when your nation no longer likes Christians? It's going to happen. We're told that we'll be hated by all nations. (Matt. 10:22) Will we stand silently? Will we speak out? What? I don't know what I'll do. But after being in the Marketplace, I've been asking God to prepare me and my family.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Living under pressure?

Consider this...
"Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it. But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it." Matthew 7:13-14 (Amplified)

When Jodina read this in our prayer time this week, it was a breakthrough for me! I've been talking about the pressure of these days and when she read this, it all made sense. Now I well know we can live under pressure of our own making and that the enemy can certainly apply pressure to our lives as well. We never considered that God applied pressure! But he does. The narrow way will bring pressure into your lives. Years ago, God gave me a word picture of this verse. I saw the narrow way as the birth canal. When we choose Truth, the narrow way...we are squeezed through the narrow way into LIFE!

So examine the pressure you may be living under. Is it of your own making? Is the enemy applying pressure to try and make you go the wrong direction? God applying pressure to birth you into LIFE?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I heard Amy's not feeling well today. Maybe this will perk her up! (Hee-Hee!) Who doesn't remember Glamour Shots??? As I read Katy's blog today about flying to Dallas for Hanna's 16th birthday party, I was taken back to Amy's 16th birthday in my mind. Actually, I think she was younger in these pics, but I'm recovering from the flu and didn't want to wade through all my pics trying to find her at 16. And if I'd found the photo I was really looking for, you would see how much better we all look now---almost 14 years later! But isn't her thick red, curly hair to die for??
I wanted to make Amy's 16th birthday fun and memorable. So I asked her what she wanted to do...and she wanted to go to our family's lake house (by McLean) with Kaye & Liz Smith. I was a little nervous about the plan because I'd gotten to where I didn't like going out there---there were mice gnawing through the floor, wasps that nested inside the house, and the ever-growing grass that needed to be mowed. But...I loaded up our ice chest full of burgers and hot dogs and off the four of us girls went to the lake house.
When we pulled in, there was dead silence in our car. I drove slowly. The grass didn't just need mowing, it was waist-high. We opened the door to the lake house, and batted away wasps as we entered. No one was talking. I was afraid to say anything....afraid Amy would burst into tears! Liz finally mustered her courage and said, "I'll mow!" So I quickly began looking for the shed keys so we could get the riding lawn mower out. No keys. Things were going downhill quickly! I looked at Amy and said, "O.K....let's think of Plan B!"
I called Andy and got permission to take us all to a motel in Amarillo---ice chest and all! Kaye & I started laughing on the way to Amarillo and trying to change the mood from disappointment to adventure! We checked into the clean, mouse-free, wasp-free motel and went to eat dinner. Amy chose to go to Kabuki. We had a great time. The highlight was when we told them it was Amy's birthday and the waitresses came and sang, "Hoppy Burshday to oyou..." We were all trying to not burst out laughing!
Then we had a movie marathon! Amy, do you remember one of the movies we went to see? I do. DUMB & DUMBER!! I walked out of there saying, "That's one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen!" (Now it's one I laugh at the most!)
The birthday was redeemed! I think it's one of the most fun memories I have with the 4 of us!! Some day, I'll put up the photo w/ the four of'll laugh....long and hard. Amy's 16th birthday was definitely memorable!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The flu

Is this common to women or moms.....or is it just my own personality? I've been sick since last Sunday. It started out with a mild sore throat and backache. And yet....I wouldn't admit that I was actually sick. I got up and went to Sunday School (it was Mother's Day, after all!) and was there for 10 minutes (long enough for the breakfast time!!) and looked at Andy and told him I was going home. Missed out on Mother's Day lunch even. But still....wouldn't admit I was sick. I went to work Monday still with a backache, but my throat was better. I told myself all day that I needed to quit carrying things around there. (Self-diagnosis for the backache) Tuesday, I started feeling a little stopped up, but declared to myself that it was allergies. I went to work Wednesday and sounded a little stopped up and did very little work. My back was still aching. Yesterday, I had to go to work because I had a presentation to make before the UW for money for Living Water. So when I got back to LW, I supervised the unloading of the truck and afterwards, went to my desk and didn't move for the rest of the day. I was beginning to admit I didn't feel well. I was very stopped up by this point. I came home and went to bed. Andy was having a missions meeting at my house last night, so he had to come home and feed us both and clean house. I usually serve cookies, at least, but they got nothing last night. By the time the meeting was over (around 8), I was crying. And finally admitting, "I'M SICK!" I had Andy go ask Ember if she could work for me today. (Bless you, Ember! Please thank Derek for me!!) Then I began calling the men who volunteer at Living Water and giving them instructions for the day.
FIVE DAYS!! FIVE STINKIN' DAYS before I would admit to myself that I was sick. I'm not asking for sympathy---I don't need sympathy when I'm sick....I just like to be left alone. But it got me to thinking....does this come from being a mother and not allowing yourself to be sick so you can nurture the rest of the family? Or is it just my bull-headed nature? (And I'm sure my daughter and daughter-in-law will be the only ones to face that question head-on....well, maybe a couple of others! ha!) This is a pattern in my life. I refuse to admit I'm sick...and by the time I finally do admit it, I'm completely down and usually on the way to recovery. Why is that????

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

or...the Best FOR Becky

When God hits me with a truth, he hones in for a few days. I'm thinking he's hoping I'll really get it. This morning, when Jodina & I went walking, we did some talking. I was telling her about my blog on Duty vs. Love. I hate to admit this...I mean, I really hate to admit this...but most things I do are for the Best FOR Becky. I'd love to say that I act out of love. I'd love to say that I love my fellow man more than myself. But I'd be lying. I do most things to please me---or to be right---just depending on the situation.
But you know what? God gave it to us in bite-sized pieces that we should really be able to swallow. Consider this: "Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Matt. 22:37-39.
And you know what else? I can't even do that on my own. I have to have the help of the Holy Spirit to do that! "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23. (Emphasis mine) Isn't it amazing how you can read a verse like this forever and not really get it??
I'm learning. I'm learning it's not about me. And I'm learning that out of me comes no good thing apart from the Spirit of God. I can produce no fruit on my own. It's only through the Holy Spirit that good things are produced through me! He has to produce it in me.
So...I want to learn to give way to the Spirit of God (that 'submit' word!) so he can produce fruit from my life---fruit like love. I can't even do that by myself. I'm tired of it being about Becky or for Becky. I want God to be able to use me and get the glory for anything he produces through me! Can't you just see God shaking his head and saying, "Finally! This girl has been a tough nut to crack!!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Duty or Love

God has had my attention lately. I mean like...holding my face in his hands so that I have to look into his eyes and get the message he's trying to get through to me. Ever done that to one of your kids? And then said, "Look at me!" That's the kind of attention I've had to give him.

What's the message, you ask? "Quit doing things out of duty. Do it out of love." What good is duty? It gets the job done...but does it count for anything? I Corinthians 3:11-13 says, "For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man's work." As I look back on my life, I wonder how much of my work will be burned up. I cringe to think of how many things I've done in the flesh or just done out of duty.

And then there's the love issue. I Corinthians 13 says that if we don't have love, we're like a clanging cymbal or a noisy gong. That word picture makes me think of one year when we were in China. Every night, we would try to sleep...but there was a man in mourning who would walk the streets outside our windows beating on a gong--all night long! We were told he was driving the evil spirits away. But it was so annoying! We got no rest on that trip. That's what I'm like when I do anything without love. Man! It's hard!! Do you realize how many things we're asked to do that we really don't want to do? I can do it...out of duty. But I want to learn how to do it out of love. Besides...this stuff is just too dang hard to just have it all burned up some day!! And...if it's someone doing something for me, would I rather them do it out of duty or love?? Yep, God definitely has my attention.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Give You Permission.

(Because some people need permission)

1. To rest.
2. To eat something you really like.
3. To enjoy yourself.
4. To take a long bubble bath.
5. To spend time laughing with a child.
6. To sit outside and take in the sunshine or rain.
7. To meditate on the goodness of God.
8. To skip work and play.
9. To spend time alone with someone you love.
10. To bask in the blessing someone has give you today.
11. To cry.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laughing My Head Off!

Don't tell a soul....
After we installed the Brinks security system at Living Water, I kind of just put the cheap video system aside. It was still installed, but I didn't see the need for it now that I felt more secure. Well, yesterday, I thought, "What the heck!" So I opened it up on my computer before I left yesterday and armed it. I'd forgotten it had sound as well as video feed!
I have to set the scene up:
I knew the guys were here this morning loading groceries into sacks, but I ran by about 7:30 to get a check to deposit before I went walking. I knew they'd hear the bell ring when I came in, but didn't want to take the time to go back there and tell them it was me! (They always suspect it's me) So I rushed out the door, thinking nothing about it.
So...when I finally got here for work, I thought, "Oh yeah! I set the video last night. Think I'll take a look!" I was rolling on the floor laughing!!!
All three guys had come to my office when they heard me come in and then leave at 7:30. The video shows them rummaging around my desk looking for my cell phone number (which I've put on a list of numbers since this happened). I guess they were going to call me and see if it was me. One man kept reassuring the others that he was sure it had been me since I had left the light on. digressed. They all pulled out their cell phones to see if they had my number...and then they began exchanging numbers with one another. For the longest time, the oldest of the three was quietly looking through his billfold. And then he finally declares, "There it is!! My phone number is xxx-xxxx." (He couldn't remember it, so he had to look for where he'd written it down.) One guy asked him if he carried his cell phone with him and he said, "No...not really. You probably won't be able to get me if you call!" They left the room together discussing how they needed to get my cell phone number when I got back. I came back at 8:45 and joined them for a snack....and not one of them remembered to ask me!
Yeah....I think I'm going to keep arming this video. Great entertainment! But don't tell!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Zach is having a sleep apnea test tonight in Lubbock. We'd really appreciate prayers for him. Pray that whatever he normally does happens tonight under observation so that they can correctly diagnose him. And pray for God's pathway of healing.
And while you're praying, would you pray for David & Lindsey? They're pretty discouraged over the job (or lack thereof) situation and housing situation. Would you ask God to invade their circumstances with his power and mercy?

Monday, May 4, 2009

What does God hate?

Can you name the 7 things that God hates---that he finds detestable?
(Hint: They are in Proverbs)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend with Grandkids

In no particular order are some grandkid moments from this weekend: (This set of grandkids calls me Guh)

Addie: Ryan, I poopied in my Cinderella panties.
Ryan: Oh.
Addie: Say Ahhhh, Ryan. (Said in a commiserate tone)
Ryan: Ahhhhh.

Ryan (at 7:30 this morning): Guh, I'm hungry.
Guh gets up and brings dry cereal to our bed where Ryan is watching Mickey Mouse. (Pops flew the coop to the quiet attic before Ryan arrived).
Ryan at 7:45: Guh, I'm still hungry.
Guh sleepily gets up and refills his bowl.
Ryan at 8:00: ANOTHER Mickey Mouse??? Guh, I'm still hungry.
Guh: Ryan, do you want more cereal or do you want a cinnamon roll later?
Ryan: A cinnamon roll.
Ryan at 8:30: ANOTHER Mickey Mouse???? Guh, I'm still hungry.
Guh (after sleeping in-between each breakfast moment): Do you want a banana?
Ryan: YES!
Ryan at 8:38: Guh, are the cinnamon rolls ready yet?
Guh: No, Ryan, I haven't made them yet. We need to wait til Mommy & Daddy wake up.
Ryan at 8:47: Guh, are they ready yet?
Guh: No, Ryan, I haven't gotten up yet, remember?
Ryan at 8:56: Guh, can I go help you make cinnamon rolls?
Guh: Sure, Ryan...let's go make cinnamon rolls.

Addie: Mommy, click me.
Lindsey (extending her wand of a rolled up paper): Click. You're a hippo.
Addie: What sound does a hippo make, Mommy?
Lindsey: I'm not sure, Addie.
Daddy (finding a hippo sound on the laptop): Here it is, Addie. WHERRR. WHERRR.
Addie: Wherrr. Wherrr. Click me, Mommy.
Lindsey: Click. You're a flower.
Addie rises as a beautiful flower.
Daddy still finding sounds on the computer: BLAAAAH. BLAAAAH. Splat!
Guh: What was that sound????
Daddy (chuckling): That was someone throwing up!
Addie: Let me see, Daddy.
Daddy: It's just a sound, Addie. There aren't any pictures.
Addie: Was that me throwing up, Daddy? (She threw up 2 nights ago)
Daddy: It sounds like you, doesn't it, Addie?
Addie: My food turned into throw up, didn't it, Daddy?
Daddy: Yes, Addie.
Addie: And it got in my hair?
Daddy: Yes, Addie.

Daddy & Pops installing a security camera on my computer. Mommy is in front of the hidden camera.
Addie: Running from another room...Where's Mommy?
Ryan: There she is! WAVE, Mommy!
Mommy dances and waves.

Addie: Pops, my lambie doesn't have throw up on it anymore.
Pops never responds. He's watching tv.
Guh: Come here, Addie. I'm so sorry you threw up. But you're feeling better now, aren't you?
Addie: Yeah.

Mommy: Addie, go ask Daddy if he's ready to go.
Addie: I threw up, Mommy. My food turned to throw up, didn't it?
Mommy: Addie, let's quit talking about throw up. Go see if Daddy is ready to go.
A few minutes pass and Guh finds Pops, Daddy and both kids watching tv together now.

Kisses and hugs as they get ready to leave.
Addie: Bye, Guh.
Guh: I love you a bushel and a peck, Addie (Guh breaks out into song.)
Addie: I threw up, Guh.
Mommy rolls her eyes and reiterates: Addie, we're not going to talk about that anymore.
Addie: But it got on my bed and hair, huh Mommy?
Mommy: Kiss Guh.

Ryan & Addie getting in their car seats: Bye Pops! Bye Guh!
Addie: I threw up in the computer (remembering the sound)
Addie: My food turned into throw up, huh, Mommy?
Mommy: YES! But it's over!
Guh: I love you a bushel and a peck, Addie! Blowing kisses.