Friday, July 30, 2010


We just got home from Southeast Asia this past Tuesday night.  I took my new camera with me on the trip which I only acquired this past July 4th.  I was nervous about my skills since I was just learning how to use my camera, but was pleased with some of the photos I got.  In no particular order are some of my favorite shots from the trip.  It in no way tells the true story of the trip.  But I hope you get a feel of some of the things we saw.  I'm so grateful for Lissa Anglin who walked me through some of the camera obstacles I faced while there!!

Four ladies from a village we visited.  Aren't they cute?  One lady was 90 years old. 
An ancient bridge--about 800 years old.

This cabbage was growing in a gutter in an alley--which was actually their garden.

The lanterns at night--not bad for no tripod!

Christy in front of an old cable bridge.

A sign we all got a kick out of!  Seemed pretty accurate to us.

The new building being built for our doctors.

Ember greeting Phyllis for the first time in a year.

Andy, our fearless leader, with Tina and Derek.

Grapes growing in a friend's courtyard.

"Hudson boats" in a new city being built.

This is an amazing place.  We had to pinch ourselves that we were actually there. 
I just wish the photo did it justice.

Isn't this exactly what you'd picture?  These hats are really only worn to work in---and we had to convince this little lady that we wanted her to leave it on.

Lunch at Mary's house. 
This photo doesn't show the FEAST that we were actually served.

Loren reading and singing the Word over Rebecca in the hospital.  Rebecca is the 23-year-old young woman who has Hepatitus B and is dying.  We're praying for her healing.
*We just got word tonight that Rebecca went to be with the Lord.  Please pray for her family...and pray that her village comes to Christ because of Rebecca's testimony.  Praise God that Rebecca accepted Christ as her savior this past week!!  Praise God!*

The lotus pond

The group who went to the lotus pond. 
I had no idea lotus leaves were this large!!

A man walking his cow through a city of over 100,000.

A flower at a restaurant that I loved (the flower, not the restaurant). 
I'm not a real fan of authentic oriental food.

A tired Robby.

Sarah and her father.

Sunflowers are plentiful there.  They serve sunflower seeds anytime you visit their home.

A cute old man.

Andy & I and "our girls"

These girls range in age from 20-26.  But they still act like young girls--giggling a lot!

Shoes at the airport

Photo by Ember Sherman (a much better photographer).  I gave her my camera as we came into Hong Kong and asked her to take pictures.  This is coming out of the Hong Kong tunnel.


We faced all kinds of obstacles getting to Mary's house--up a huge mountain.  We came to these concrete blockades and our bus driver went through with an inch to spare on each side--with no scratches!

And then we went up this mountain road--a one-car mountain road. 
I hate mountain roads.


Women going home from market

It was a great trip---there was much fruit.  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can you guess?

What's going on??  Just the highlight of Ruidoso!

Zach & Shanna are PREGNANT!!!
Grandbaby #8 on the way!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ruidoso 2010

We just had a family reunion in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  It was wildly fun, crazy chaotic, and full of memory-making.  This reunion consisted of my children and grandchildren, my siblings and their families and my mom.  You can see from the pics that we have a fun bunch!  Just know we went full-force each day until we dropped into bed at night and got up and did it again.  Our time was full of good food, family, fun, water, games and imagination.  I'm grateful for my family and for this wonderful memory.  Some of my favorite photos of the weekend....


The Fabulous Four--Ryan, Josiah, Benjamin & Isaac

David & Lindsey Dietz

My mom and 7 of her 10 grandchildren--stairstepped--ages 35 to 7.

My sister's family--Mark & Sandra Langford and boys, Nathan, Benjamin & Aaron.

My 7 beautiful grandchildren--Caitlin, Alexis, Olivia (front), Isaac, Ryan, Josiah & Addie.

My brother, Gary and his wife, Amy.  Their dogs, Jax & Barney.

My kids--Matt, Zach, Amy & David.

The Dietz Clan--minus Lindsey who was sick that morning.

Matt & Lisa Dietz and girls

Zach & Shanna Dietz

Jay Wright Family

Mom, Gary (Brother), Sandra (Sister) and Me

Andy & I

Andy & Becky Dietz and our 7 precious grandchildren.

The only mishap of the weekend--Josiah had to get 3 stitches after a tree ran into his nose.  And...we had 2 get a stomach bug over the weekend.  We hated they missed some fun, but were grateful it didn't spread to all 25 of us!  Thank you, God, for my family.