Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week--Post 5

All good things must come to an did our Thanksgiving Week.  Zach left  Thanksgiving night because he had to be back home to go to work for Black Friday at Lifeway.  But before he left, Jay & Amy passsed down their Pac 'N Play to Zach & Shanna for Dax.  It came with personal instructions.  And it was Zach's first act of Daddyhood.

Zach begins the process....

Addie & Olivia look on to make sure he's doing it right.

He thinks he's got the hang of it.

Jay observes as Zach tries to get it back together.

Shanna watches...

Zach impresses us all with his knowledge of doing the string Eifel tower.  Olivia tries to see.

The next morning, the Wrights had to begin their 2-day journey back to Florida.  The cousins came to see them off!  This is Jeff & Amy.

Emily & Amy

The four remaining cousins that were here:  Jeff, Emily, Amy & David.

Kim & Amy

Shanna & Amy

The Girls
Kim, Amy, Lindsey, Shanna & Emily

Jay & Amy

Gee, Olivia & Amy

Becky & The Girls

Addie telling Dax goodbye...

...and giving him a hug.
My house is quiet...but I'm already looking forward to Christmas!!

Thanksgiving Week--Post 4

We shifted gears on Thanksgiving Day.  The Dietz family all had Thanksgiving dinner at Liz's house.  And my family, the Sanders, came to our house.  What a fun day!!  It included my mom (Granny), my brother Gary and his wife, Amy, and my sister, Sandra and her family.  Sandra has 5 kids ranging in age from 7-22.  Her 7-year-old, Benjamin, thinks he's one of my grandkids since he fits right in their stairstep ages.  These cousins look forward to playing together!



David & Ryan

Granny brought the Great-Grandkids' Christmas presents so they could open them together--early!  Benjamin included, of course.

Ryan & Addie ready to open!

Olivia opening her gift from Granny.

Granny having fun watching.

They each got a Rodney reindeer puppet that sang 3 songs.  What fun!!  We had several puppet shows throughout the day.

Granny cooking.

Gary & Zach waiting.

David & Jay

My nephew, Scott.

My nephew, Aaron.

Olivia & Rodney (or Rudolph, as she renamed him).

My sister, Sandra.

The food begins!!

More people getting more food...

Zach..what are you looking for?  Sorry I forgot to put out the pickled okra for you!

My sis-in-law, Amy.

My brother-in-law, Mark, who just had his 2nd knee surgery.

Mother & Daughter toes.

The after-dinner football game begins.  The young guys...

against the old guys.

The after-dinner remains!

Addie & Rodney

Isaac & Benjamin watching a movie.

Aunt Shanna & Josiah watching the movie.

Jay & David

Gary & Amy playing Bananagrams

Sandra & Amy playing.

Amy & Lindsey concentrating.

Nathan (my nephew) and Amy playing.

Amy & Ryan chatting.

Olivia feeding Gary pretend food...sushi, I think.

Supergirl?  Wondergirl?  It's Addie!

Sarah & Benjamin, the oldest and youngest of Sandra's kids.
The Sanders Thanksgiving was a HUGE success!  We are so blessed to have such great family time. 
What a fun Thanksgiving Day.

Oh!  And one little tuckered-out Josiah.  His motor never stopped running--til the end.