Saturday, January 30, 2010


Saturday was much calmer than Friday. In fact, Amy called me Friday evening and told me the snow was moving in to North Carolina and they were coming home early. She said they'd get here about 2:30 in the morning and to not let the kids know they were here this morning. I promised to keep the kids occupied so they could sleep in. The kids had eaten breakfast and were at the table writing in their journals when their parents' bedroom door opened---and there was mom and dad!! They were totally unsuspecting and you could see that it took a good 2-3 seconds for it to even compute. I think Jay & Amy were taken aback by their kids running and hugging them and crying all over them. It was a good moment. It even made me think about how it was going to be with God when we finally see Him. We think we know how we're going to respond, but we may totally surprise ourselves.

The boys each got Nerf dart guns that they've spent hours playing with today.

It was fast-paced action around Florida with 2 boys and 2 guns.

Guess what Olivia got? Nope, not a doctor's kit----PINK socks! And she was one happy camper.

Mom & Dad were a little sad that they had to cut their trip short. And they found out they weren't alone. So some of the couples that went on the trip decided to go out tonight on a date night together. Before they left, we played a rousing game of Simon Says.

Daddy was Simon and tricked Mommy by telling her to move over--without saying "Simon Says." So she had to sit down.

Well, everyone's in bed for the night. But Isaac is in his bedroom crying his eyes out because he doesn't want me to go home. You'd think I'd be bawling right along with him. Instead, I'm trying to think of a way to help him work through this. Like Amy said, our little guy is a pretty emotional/dramatic kid. I love that about him. But I hate that he gets so sad each time I leave. Josiah has learned from the best and is eeking out a few tears for good measure. LOL! I love these kids. I'd love for them move closer to pressure, Jay & Amy.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, the morning started out calm--and almost boring. Last night, I'd read Debi Duso's blog and was inspired to build the kids a tent today to play in. I thought it would last all morning. didn't. They loved finding blankets to build the tent, but didn't stay in it long.
So we moved on to Little House on the Prairie so I could get in the shower. I showered and then we played a rousing game of Simon Says. Even Olivia got into the game.

Great tent that held their attention for about 5 minutes.

This is how Olivia looks when she puts her backpack on by herself.

These are Olivia's favorite shoes. They are pink.

And I end with this photo. After all, today was all about Olivia and her rescuers.

We were all getting bored. And I didn't want them watching more tv. So I decided we should get out for awhile. Wal-Mart was having a great sale yesterday, so I decided to go back and find some birthday gifts for the grandkids.
We hung out there awhile and then went to What-a-Burger and got something to take home to eat. The kids were going to eat under the tent. We got home and started unloading the van and I went to get Olivia out and her door was locked. So...I went back to my door and unlocked it (or so I thought), and went back to get her (after closing my door) and it was LOCKED!! My heart starts pounding and I begin checking each door. All locked. I tried to stay calm for the kids' sakes, but my mind was racing about what to do. I began searching kitchen drawers for extra keys and found none. I couldn't call Amy because my cell phone was locked in the car with Olivia! So we started going to neighbor's houses to see if anyone was home so we could call for help. I immediately thought we should call 911. I was thinking the police would come to unlock a car to rescue a baby inside! So we finally found a neighbor at home and she loaned me her phone and I called 911. The neighbor was on her way to somewhere....but she realized the seriousness of the situation and stuck around. Isaac, by this time, is over at his dad's locked car and began screaming that he got it unlocked! (Not the van, the car) We thought dad's keys might have the van key on it so we could get in. Nope. By this time, the sheriff shows up. He has a slim jim and I'm thinking he's the answer to my prayers!
Throughout the whole ordeal, Olivia is sitting in her car seat laughing at us and wrinkling her cute little nose. While I'm outside her door praying and wondering how I could have been so dumb!! Then the fire & rescue shows up. Fire truck #24, Isaac later tells me. The Sheriff had me call Pop-a-Lock and have them come while he and the firemen work on getting the van unlocked. The firemen tell me, "NO! We can get this!!" (LOL! Gotta love those firemen!) So we kept Pop-a-Lock on hold while the firemen found a wire hanger and got after it!
Isaac asked if Olivia had enough air to breathe. I assured him she did---and thankfully, we had a cool day here in sunny Florida. I signed a waiver, giving the Sheriff permission to break a window, if necessary....while I prayed for favor for those firemen!
Olivia has started saying, "Nemo. Nemo." She had been playing with a Nemo telephone and it had fallen to the floor. Oops!
FINALLY!!! Those wonderful, cute firemen popped the lock---with a wire hanger. I wanted to hug each one of them---but only got to hug the Sheriff---but told the rest that they were my heroes and "God bless you!"
*long sigh* What a day!! As the boys and I talked it over (while we all sat at the table to eat---we all decided we really didn't have the energy to get under the tent now), we decided there were so many heroes!! The neighbor, Diane, was a hero for letting us use her phone. Isaac was a hero for opening his dad's car with a code he didn't know. Josiah was a hero for keeping Olivia laughing. The Sheriff was a hero for getting on the scene first. The firemen were definitely our heroes for opening that van door! Olivia was a hero for not crying. And I was even a hero for not freaking I'm wont to do. (even though it was all my fault in the first place.)
Today is friday and not a nap day. But I decided we all needed to rest. So Olivia is down for her usual nap and the boys get to play Leapster in their beds.
I'm praying for a boring day tomorrow. And I'm keeping the keys in my purse now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thursday started early at the Wright house. I felt a little hand tap me on the shoulder when it wasn't even light yet. Ha! So I talked Isaac into climbing into bed with me and waiting til someone else woke up. I commended him on not waking his brother up (hope that helps for tomorrow!) when he got up.

We had a big day. We had school, had a treasure hunt, went to Wal-Mart, ate lunch at Chick Fil-A where we met some other staff kids with their grandmother (parents are at the same conference.) This was Isaac's big purchase at Wal-Mart today--a Star Wars figure.

Here are 3 cutie pies watching Little House on the Prairie. I bought Season 1 for all of my grandkids for Christmas. I highly recommend them. Grandkids from 2-10 have all loved them. We particularly have laughed and laughed over Mr. Edwards. The kids love that character---and I love that they GET it!

We went to Wal-Mart to get a few things. Guess who took the longest to decide on a purchase? This little girl right here. She wanted something PINK. It had to be pink. We looked at pink babies, pink dishes, pink monkey's and fish. But she knew it when she saw it---a pink backpack! And just her size.

Nope. Not the light saber. The little Star Wars figure in his other hand is what this Jedi chose. Dinner tonight included hot dogs with Animal Crackers for dessert. Ha!

I had to include this photo for Aunt La-La. (Yes, we all have strange names) She made O's name to match her Owl bedding. It's a perfect match! Amy was so excited. Well, actually, everyone was excited--including the boys! I'm sure you'll be hearing from Amy when she gets home. VERY cute!! I know you can't tell, but each letter is decoupaged with different paper--including owl paper.
I've loved hearing about the snow at home and I'm sorry I'm missing it! (SERIOUSLY!) But you can't beat flip-flops and grandkids! Hope my Amarillo grandkids are having fun building snowmen. We want pictures, too!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mom & Dad are GONE!!

As of about 8:40 Wednesday morning....MOM & DAD ARE GONE! Woo-Hoo! I made the mistake of getting up at 7 to take a shower (next to Olivia's room), thinking I'd be ready to start my morning ahead of the kids. Duh! I woke the kids up! But we got mom and dad out of here and started the fun.

Last night, Isaac made a menu for the week. It was Josiah's prerogative to eliminate anything he didn't like. We scrapped spaghetti and taco soup. He kept the grilled cheese but declined the tomato soup. I bet you wish you were here!

Isn't she beautiful? I was right---she has lost weight! And I got to try the Pioneer Woman's pizza---basil and tomato. Yumm!

Daddy got to put Livie to bed last night.

And Mommy read to the boys.

And then I got to home school the boys this morning. Pretty big words for a 6-year-old! Oops! I see a mistake I didn't catch this morning.

And this is what Olivia did while we had school.

So we went to Target for a treat and bought new coloring books. It has kept them busy for an hour so far!
And speaking of big words for a little boy...this is what Josiah (4 years old), read to me this morning:

The Other Side of the Lake
A bug sat and sat on the shore of a lake. He did not have a car to take him to the other side. Then a big eagle came and sat down on the shore. The eagle said, "You are sitting on the shore and you are sad." The bug said, "Yes. I am sad. I need to get to the other side of the lake. I will give you a dime." The eagle said, "Yes. Give me a dime and I will take you to the other side." So the bug gave the eagle a dime and got on the eagle. They went over the lake to the other side. The end.

Olivia's almost ready for a nap and the boys don't take a nap on MWF. (Funny!) So we're watching a movie and coloring--instead of a nap. Oh! And the boys got to choose where to eat out one meal. So tonight, it's McDonald's and Maggie Moo's for ice cream. We've already decided on flavors....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I arrived at the Wright's house on Monday afternoon.
These are a few pictures from Monday & Tuesday.

All 3 kids in Olivia's bed. (I don't think we were supposed to be doing this...)

Olivia playing a tune while in her tutu.

Dad cooked burgers for us!

The two boys who decorated my room!!

And my room!!
(Don't you love that Pottery Barn bedspread??)
The decorations were OUTSTANDING!

Ride Home

Amy and the 3 kids picked me up at the airport. We were all so excited to see one another. As Amy loaded my suitcase into the van, the boys were already asking if I would sit between their car seats on the 40 minute ride to their house. How could I resist such an offer?? And this is the way the conversation went after the preliminaries (mostly of Isaac sniffing me--I have to smell like Gee in order for me to be authentic):

Isaac: Gee, do ladies have beards?
Me: (A little paranoid, I must admit) Why? Do I have a beard?
Isaac: (Reaching up and touching my sideburns--from my haircut) You have these. Are you getting a beard?
Me: (After much laughter) I guess I am growing a beard.

Next conversation after telling the boys I was going to have to put books on their heads so they'd quit growing.
Me: Boys, when you get big like your daddy, will you take care of Gee?
Josiah: YES!!
Isaac: You'll be DEAD, Gee!
Amy & I fall out laughing.
Isaac: REALLY, Gee. You'll be dead!
Me: But Granny & Mama aren't dead and Buff is big and I'm big. (It's not computing)
Isaac: Gee, you'll be DEAD! I'm serious!
Me: Are you a prophet?
Isaac & Josiah: *singing loudly* Jonah was a prophet.....And away they go into the VeggieTales song.

Josiah: Gee, we have a surprise for you in your room.
Me: Really?? For ME??
Isaac: You know the room you stay in, Gee?
Me: YES! I like that room.
Josiah: We put pictures in your room.
Isaac: Yeah! And we hung stuff all over your room.
Josiah: And we gave you MONEY! It's by your bed.
So much for the surprise. But the telling was even better...well, it was equally as good. Pictures to follow of this amazing surprise!

After we got home, Isaac presented me with our schedule. He only had one hour scheduled so far for our week.
7:00 Isaac & Josiah and Gee wake up and watch Little House on the Prairie
7:30 Eat breakfast
8:00 Olivia wakes up
So far, we're perfectly on schedule.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dallas Airport

I'm on my way to Florida and have spent some time in the DFW airport where I've watched the CNN coverage of Haiti. (Thanks, DFW, for the free internet!) And I found the answer to my own question. It's hard following the suffering in Haiti (or anywhere, for that matter) because your mind can only endure so much suffering. I can't imagine what it's like for the people working in disaster relief--whether they're doctors, nurses, mission organizations or military. They're going to have so much to deal with even when they get home. We need to be praying diligently.
We all need a little relief when confronted with that kind of suffering. And we're not immune from that kind of suffering, so we should "do unto others..."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ryan & Addie Take a Ride--2nd Post

First with Daddy. Addie says, "Daddy, you lost us!"
And then with Pops. Addie says, "Andale!"
Ryan, "Da-Dum, Da-Dum..."


Get ready for some Florida posts this next week!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prolific Blogger Award Winners


I received the Prolific Blogger award from Cathy at WordVessel. What an honor from a wonderful writer! Thank you, Cathy. As I told Cathy, "I humbly accept this award and would like to thank every English teacher from my past. I'd especially like to thank GOD who made me so verbose." ;)

A Prolific Blogger is one who is intellectually productive… keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content.

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

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4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we all can get to know the other winners. (Click here for the Mr. Linky page.)
Now I'm passing this on to 8--yes, 8--deserving bloggers:
And I grant 1 Prolific Private Blogger Award:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper? Seriously?? I wouldn't have thought it worth talking about either until this past week. I used to buy Scott toilet paper when my kids were growing up. I wanted the better stuff, but the kids went through it too fast. And I wasn't about the paper, it was about taking about 3-4 feet off the matter the brand. So we used Scott. It lasted a long time. See? it says 1000 feet per roll.

After the kids moved out, we realized it was just US! We could have the good stuff! So I bought Charmin Ultra Soft. Actually, it was after Andy complained to Amy that I never bought the good stuff. So I did...even though it was more expensive. And we liked it.
But recently, I found some Scott tissue on sale and bought it for my long-term pantry. I didn't mind keeping the cheaper stuff on hand for those emergencies. And we had one--we ran out of Charmin. So I ran downstairs and got a roll of the Scott, thinking "no big deal!" But WOW! I honestly didn't remember how thin it was. We're spoiled, I guess. We're Charmin people now. I can't believe I just blogged about toilet paper....but it's been a topic of conversation in our house this week. We had 1000 feet to use, after all!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short Attention Spans

As you can tell, I've been obsessed with Haiti and what's going on there. Last night, I was watching CNN as I fell asleep and heard Anderson Cooper say that they were trying to get as much information out as quickly as they possibly could, because they knew people had a short attention span in America and would tire of the coverage soon.

So I talked to Jodina about this issue as we walked this morning. We do have a short attention span. Why is that? This mess in Haiti is not going away any time soon. And the needs aren't going to disappear. But I can tell through Facebook that people are already tired of hearing about it.

I'm not sure why our attention spans are so short. Is it because we're consumed with self? Is it because we're afraid it could be us next if we give it too much attention? Is it because we'd rather throw $10 at a need and call it good?

That's not what God tells us to do. He tells us to be like the persistent widow in Luke 18:3-8. And you know what He'll do when we keep crying out to him for justice? Verse 8 says this: "I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly."

But then he ends the verse with this question, which I present to all of us: "However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" Will He? Will we press in with our faith for Haiti (and endless other needs), or will we get easily distracted and go get our nails done? (Sorry. Just got my last glue-on nail popped off. Nails are on my mind!)

Let's HAVE FAITH! Keep praying for Haiti. Stay focused. Keep crying out to the JUST JUDGE--persistently! Paul constantly challenged one church to pray and give to another church when there was a need. We can't do less.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did you notice?

That Benjamin has his own blog?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free Book by Brian Tome

If I had purchased this book and wasn't reading it for a book review, Brian would have lost me on the first page. I'm not sure what he was hoping to gain with some of the language he used in this book.

But...if I had put the book down, I would have missed out on some valuable material. That's the conflict I was left with after reading this book. Brian addresses some issues that desperately need addressing such as strongholds and getting rid of those "squatters" in your life. He's open and honest (almost to a fault) about issues he's dealt with himself. I know Brian is genuine in his desire to lead others to a life of freedom---which is what this book is all about. And you can see that he's living that life himself.

The thing I felt this book was lacking was love. Brian seemed angry and irreverent. The verse that kept coming to my mind was Ephesians 4:29 (Amp.) which says, "Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God's favor) to those who hear it."

I think if I'd been Brian's mama (and I'm almost old enough to be!), I would have bent him over my knee for some of the things he said (and he's actually old enough to know better!). But I have a feeling that this statement is only going to bring a grin to his face and is just the response he was hoping for!

I'd give this book 1 1/2 stars out of 5. The information is vital. But the way it's presented keeps me from wanting to share the book with those who need it.


Would you consider adding this banner to your blog? Go to their website and right click on the banner you want. You'll save it as a photo. Then when you add to your blog, go to "Customize," "Add a Gadget" (either under your blog name or on the side. Then you'll click the + on "Picture." You'll browse and add the photo you saved. Then in the "Link" box, add the website's address.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Benjamin is my 7-year-old nephew who isn't sure where he fits in the line-up of my grandkids, but is sure he does! Recently, at our family reunion, we took Dietz family photos. Later, he asked his mom why he wasn't in our pictures. He fits right in that stairstep of our 7 grandkids.

I'm amazed at Benjamin's heart. And not just his heart, but his theological knowledge. When he was recently saved and then ready to be baptized, his pastor was asking him questions to make sure he understood what he was doing. He gave better answers than most pastors---seriously!! He's amazing. I sincerely believe God's Spirit is on this little boy.

Benjamin is very concerned about what is happening in Haiti. He's heard the same story of Ti-Fam that I did at his age. That acquainted him with Haiti before the earthquake. So...he's going to help. And I have no doubt that God has placed this mission on his heart. Benjamin is going to raise money to send to Ti-Fam's mission. He's going to read books and is looking for supporters for each hour of reading that he does.
This mission is a great ministry that has been in Haiti for the past 60 years. And they're doing a great work. They're up to their necks in rescue operations right now. They have over 300 people in a 150-person clinic. And the missionaries are stretched to their limit in helping those who are suffering. Michael Kelley blogged an update about this mission's work today.

So...if you can help Benjamin, just jump on over to his blog (guest blogger on his mother's blog) and commit dollars to his hours of reading. (He plans on reading 1 hour a day for 21 days.) You'll make one little boy very happy. And you'll be helping Haiti. Will you help?

My dream

Before I fell asleep last night, I was reading a book. This book was bothering me. It was written by a young pastor whom I'd never heard of. The message was good but his attitude behind it was bothering me. So before I fell asleep, I asked God to show me what was wrong--what was missing?

At 3:45, I awoke from a vivid dream! In this dream, I was young and single. I was working for a young man who was quite handsome. It was the end of the year and my "boss" sent a group of women to me to tell me to come to him. He wanted to give me a gift. So I went to him. He presented me with a wonderful gift---in front of a huge crowd. I can't for the life of me remember what the gift was, but I just remember that it met a specific need/want in my life---and no one should have had a way of knowing what it was. I was astounded. And happy---oh, so happy! As I received the gift, gauzy fabric blew all around me and beads were placed over my head. (Not by anyone, it was just the whole atmosphere.) He told me it wasn't the last gift. He took me from gift to gift and each had the same effect. At the end, he brought me to a treasure box and I knew--I just knew--that it was a proposal. And in fact, it was! I was ecstatic!! He also honored another woman who had helped him get started in the business. She was a good friend and was witness to all that had taken place with me. I remember there was no jealousy among us as we were honored.

When I awoke, I knew. I looked at the clock and saw it was 3:45 a.m. I smiled and said, "That was you, God, wasn't it?" But I also knew the answer to the question about the book. LOVE! There was no love behind the words. It left the book clanging in my heart.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buried Alive by Roy Hallums

Buried Alive by Roy Hallums is a compelling book. It is the true story of a 56-year-old man who was working for a company in Iraq, supplying food for the American army in Baghdad. He and his coworkers were used to carrying AK-47's at work, but on the day he was kidnapped, his guns were not within reach. He never learned the name of the group that held him hostage for a $12 million price tag until after his escape, but he just prayed he wouldn't be beheaded like other hostages before him.
Even though this book is graphic in its details of captivity, Roy's moments of humor throughout his story keep you engaged. The thing that amazed me about his story was his retention of details--time and days--throughout his ordeal! It was also surprising that his spirit wasn't broken in spite of his torture. I found myself cheering him on as he survived each trial and excited for his rescue by Second Army Special Forces in Rambo-type style.
As Roy was being held hostage (for 311 days!), his family was doing everything within their power at home for his release. They knew the American government wouldn't give in to the demands of the hostages, but they made television appearances to keep his situation in front of the public. I was amazed by their treatment of our own FBI. At times, I wondered whether they were considered the enemy by our own government.
You need to read this book. You'll want to acquaint yourself with the thinking and workings of extremists and terrorists. And you'll learn a lot from Roy in how to handle intense situations.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slumber Party



They're getting so big. But they still like the same things we were doing 5 years ago at our slumber parties. Fake nails and movies. Just doesn't get better than that! (Of course, a little sugar thrown in for good measure. I'm the grandmother after all!) But the last two times we've done this, they're not satisified unless I get nails, too. Too much fun--and I figure I'm building memories. They wanted me to get some wild nails but I told them they probably weren't appropriate for grandmas. (Plus the last time we did this, those nails would not come off! I finally went to the beauty shop and soaked my fingernails in acetone until they melted off. The glue has improved.) This was also Alexis' first time to get to use glue instead of press-on nails with--mom's permission, of course. She was so excited!!
We had a movie marathon of Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs and G Force. Both cute movies, but I had no idea hamsters had so many body noises....
These girls certainly have the sarcasm going on. Of course, their grandfather knows how to push buttons. For instance, on the way to Amarillo--taking them home...
Andy: "Did you know cows don't like to eat hay from the round bales of hay?"
Girls: "No."
Andy: "Yeah, they can't get a square meal."
Caitlin: "WHAT does that even mean, Pops?"
Andy: "You know...a square meal. It means a well-balanced meal."
Alexis: "Pops, that isn't funny."
Caitlin: "You don't know how to tell a joke, Pops!"
Andy: "It's FUNNY!! Cows want a square meal."
Girls: "It's not funny, Pops."
Andy: "Tell the joke to Granny and see if she laughs."
Joke is told to Granny (my mom) and she laughs a bit which brings about the whole conversation again.
Andy: "Tell the joke to Honey (their other grandfather) when you get home and see if he laughs.
Caitlin: "He's going to say, 'Who told you that joke??' and when I say, 'Pops,' he's going to say, 'Oh...that figures."
Yep, they're getting big.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I encourage you to donate to the Haitian recovery if you haven't already. There are so many organizations that are well-oiled machines in times like these. One of the easiest ways to give is to text Haiti to 90999. $10 will be donated to Red Cross if you do that. Samaritans' Purse (Franklin Graham) was one of the first on the scene bringing food, medicine, water, etc. And then they were transporting U.S. citizens out on their return flights out of Haiti. You can donate on their webpage. I know YWAM is also doing a great job in Haiti. They have permanent missionaries on the field there. You can donate here for YWAM. These are just a few ministries that I know are doing a wonderful job.

But most of all....pray for the people. A lot of suffering is taking place. And praying is our part.

Father, we come in agreement for the people of Haiti. Comfort them in this hour of their need. Bring the help they need. Let your kids be your arms and legs. Wrap your arms around the families who have lost so much and demonstrate your love towards them. Get food and water to everyone who needs it. Bring help to those who are suffering. Give complete rest to those who are ministering day and night. Fill them back up by your Spirit. And Father, please help us to not be so wrapped up in ourselves that we miss this opportunity to reach out and give. Thank you for all you've blessed us with. Don't let us lose a minute praying for these needs. Quicken our hearts, Father. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Mission

Sandra emailed me this morning with a WONDERFUL idea she found on the Baptist Haiti Mission's website (the mission where Ti-Fam found Jesus!). I encouraged her to call the mission and get details so we could get started. You can go here and check it out yourself. But here's the deal. The Haiti mission has a program where children can sponsor a child in Haiti by READING. Each American student can find people to sponsor them per hour of reading and then that money sponsors a child in school in Haiti. But as Sandra talked to one of the women at the mission, she said they would be happy to accept your children's reading donation for the DISASTER RELIEF EFFORT in which they are engaged. The tools to do this are on the website. Another exciting thing I found out this morning is that this mission is working in conjunction with Samaritan's Purse.
I've contacted all of the schools in Borger, Fritch & Stinnett and asked them to be a part of this. You can do it with your students where you live. Homeschool students can do this. You could even have a contest between classes or schools.
And it will teach your children that because we have much, we should share much. I hope you'll be a part!

The mission is distributing large pieces of plastic for people to use as temporary shelter.

Samaritan's Purse arrived and were able to unload all of their cargo without incident.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Tonight was the first time I've had the chance to watch what is happening in Haiti. It's breaking my heart. And my heart is so bound up in Haiti. It happened when I was 8 years old and first heard the story of Ti-Fam. It's a true mission story told by Child Evangelism of a young girl who was the daughter of a witch doctor who got saved at a mission started by Mr. & Mrs. Turnbull and Granny Holderman. I identified with Ti-Fam. We were about the same age. So anytime I've heard of the country of Haiti, my ears have perked up. (It's interesting...after I first wrote this blog, my sister, Sandra, emailed me with the website of this mission. She'd been researching the same thing. Haiti was on both of our hearts tonight!)
I also know that this could be any of us! Catastrophe can strike anywhere. And in Joel Rosenberg's words today: "Scriptures tell us in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 that terrible earthquakes and other natural disasters will occur in the “last days”….things will get worse, but this is a catastrophe of biblical proportions….may followers of Jesus Christ respond with prayer and practical assistance."
I was first made aware of how easy AT&T is making it for us to help on facebook by Becca Herbert. And in her words: "Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to Haiti relief efforts!! Even the laziest people on earth can do that!" LOL! Check it out. can follow my heart and donate directly to the mission where Ti-Fam found Christ on this website.
I hope God's people will rise up. Please spend time praying for Haiti.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do I love?

What do I love about Andy?

I love his quirky sense of humor.

I love his passion for God and the things of God.

I love how excited he gets over a football play and has to run upstairs to tell me about it.

I love how much he loves his kids and grandkids. I love that he would keep our 4 kids for a week at a time when they were young, while I went home. He never complained.

I love that he never gives up.

I love how meticulous he is.

I love that he's a champion of the underdog.

I love how much he loves music. I love to hear him sing and how much passion is in his singing.

I love his quiet strength--and that it was the first thing I noticed about him 35 years ago!

I love how he's poured himself into so many young people through the years.

I love his compassion.

I love his relationship with Ralph--it's one of a kind!

I love how he likes to share a new truth with someone and keeps at it until the lights come on for them!

I love how steadfast he is.

I love that he knows how and likes to decorate. I love the crazy voice he uses when he decorates.
I love that he's teachable.

I love that he likes to try new things.

I love that he doesn't let me get away with everything I want.

I love how sensitive he is.

I love how he pooches out his belly for a laugh.

I love how he's grown through the years. He's found a balance with his strengths and weaknesses.

I love how others perceive him. So many of our friends consider him their pastor.

I love his passion for other cultures. I especially love how he tries to speak their languages! I love that he's not afraid to try.

I love how punctual he is.

I love how he's never stayed in a box or in any certain mold. He's adjusted to whatever God has told him to do and taken new directions.

I love when he gets really tickled and how hard he laughs.

I love how he takes care of the things he owns.

I love how he likes the way he irons better than the way I iron.

I love how alive he gets when he's on a mission trip.

I love to watch and hear him snore.

I love how he does his Donald Duck voice for his grandkids.

I love that he very seldom gets angry.

I love how fast he walks through an airport and expects everyone to keep up.

I love how he interacts with senior adults. (They love him.)

I love that he loves to have fun.

I love to watch him cook steaks. He becomes Chef Andre. (And I love that he has a secret steak rub--but we all know his secret ingredient is paprika--on everything he cooks!)

I love that he's cautious.

I love that he makes up nicknames for kids.

I love that he takes the stairs 2 at a time.

I love when he looks at me from across the room over a private joke--or when he looks at me from the pulpit for approval.

I love that he taught my family how to be demonstrative with one another.

I love the essence of who Andy is.

And...I love that he loves me.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Born: January 7
Zach had a birthday yesterday. He's our first birthday of the year, so I decided to tell you about our birthday boy. Zach is our fourth-born child and 3rd son. He's the baby.

We lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma when Zach was born. I was 5 months pregnant when we moved there. There are so many stories I could tell you about Zach. One of his first memories is when he was about 18 months old. One day a few years ago, he asked me why he had to use the potty chair in the garage. WHAT??? I finally realized he was talking about when I'd put up the potty chair (because he'd been potty trained) and he'd found it in the garage---and used it!When he found out I was the "tooth fairy," he asked how I got to all those houses every night! As we were taking a long road trip and he was sitting "on the hump" up front (before car seats), he asked if all skunks were dead. (It's the only kind of skunks he'd ever seen!) All of this was just a precursor to the kind of fun we were in for with Zach. He was our family entertainment. He kept us in stitches while he was growing up. People were drawn to his red hair, his laugh and his wonderful sense of humor.

Just this last week, we watched the infomercial video that he and Ryan Maxwell made when Andy & I made our first trip to China. Two sanguines...doing some impromptu acting...that had our sides hurting from laughing so hard!! I only hope David can put it on youtube so that you can see it. HYSTERICAL! Zach was always the smallest kid on the block who tried to keep up with the big boys. He was the first of our sons who asked for a guitar. He's always had a heart for God and been very sensitive to spiritual things. He was also Class Favorite all four years in high school. (He's going to hate me for that one!)
I'm so glad I held out for four kids! I can't imagine our family without Zach, Mumzie, Hey. (His nieces & nephews' names for him) The world would have missed out on some wonderful music. He's brought so much joy and fun into our family. He's become a wonderful, thoughtful adult. But thank goodness he still has that sense of humor that keeps us all laughing! And he sure married well...Shanna completes him.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I learned from a homeless man

I had an encounter encounter with a homeless man. He came in to Living Water to get help to get a prescription filled. We have a rule that we don't fill a narcotic and this was borderline---a medicine to detox from drugs and alcohol. But I decided the $10 to fill the prescription would be worth it to share Jesus with him (and for him to get clean!).

As I shared, I learned this homeless man had murdered a man and gone to prison for it. While in prison, he'd studied many different religions--one of them being Christianity. He showed me his WICA tatoo and told me that was the religion he'd chosen. But once he'd gotten out of prison, he'd gone to church to give Christianity a shot. He met a man there who took him under his wing. He knew this one man loved him. As a young man (and before he was homeless), he had been in a rock group, so it was only natural that he turned to music in the church. The only problem was the church he'd chosen was in the south and very traditional. When he approached his music minister with the desire to sing a song he'd written, he was told that the song was too "rock 'n roll" for church. So...this man left the church...never to return. He decided the church was too full of hypocrites. And he hasn't changed his mind.

I tried every train of thought and scripture I could think of to point this man to truth, but he was hung up on the fact that the Jesus he'd read about in the New Testament was radically different than what he encountered in the church. Jesus, he said, was just that...radical (eating with sinners), he showed forgiveness (the adulterous woman) and he LOVED. (This homeless man also knew his Bible stories.)

He was leaving. I asked if I could give him a tract that he could read later and he refused...he'd lost a lot of vision with the drugs and couldn't read. I prayed with him. He left.

I was so sad. I was also convicted. Do I love like Jesus? Do I love like the one man in the church who showed this homeless man love? Do I care more about the church rules or do I radically love others?

A homeless man can teach you a lot.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

All Things New

I'm so glad Tamra found! I was wanting something new for my blog. And don't you love my new photo at the top? I think Amy took this at our family reunion last July. It is 6 of my 7 grandchildren. To me, it looks like a photo you'd find advertising children's clothing. It looks like they've been posed. My only regret is that Olivia isn't in the photo....but she was probably napping at the time. Or maybe not, come to think of it. Amy, can you photoshop her in--right under Caitlin's left hand? That would be perfect!

I love new things. And yet I don't like change. I don't know where I got this incongruous behavior. If you came to my house today, you'd find my furniture in the exact spot it was put in 2 1/2 years ago when I got it. I get new things and yet I'm not one to change things up. Kind of an oxymoron. (I love using big words.)

My friends took me shopping this week and I got lots of new clothes. I love new clothes. But when I go shopping by myself, I tend to get one shirt in 3-4 different colors. Seriously. Can I have a witness, daughters?

I love going to a new small group. But once the group is formed, I don't like for it to change. (Can I say that?)

But I have a husband and friends who push me towards change. I've tried to learn to go with the flow, be fluid, be vaporous even. But there's a part of me that will always want and need roots. God just created me that way, I think. There's a homing device that was placed in me at birth.
But change it is. I changed my blog today. Thanks, Tamra!

Friday, January 1, 2010

For the Wright Guys

I knew of one family that might appreciate these photos....and not because I'm in them, but because of who I'm with! The Wright Guys!! Happy Star Wars New Year, Isaac & Josiah!

My cousin purchased these movie cut-outs for her brother for Christmas. She brought them to Pampa tonight and I just had to have a photo taken with R2D2 and....who??

I do remember this guy---Yoda!

Benjamin was there and we took his photo with them, too!

I wish you could have been there so we could take your picture, too!