Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dax Sings with Daddy

Dax is the 6-month-old baby of our youngest son, Zach, and his wife, Shanna.

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson

If you want to relive 9/11 on the 10-year anniversary of the attack on our country, you'll want to read this book.  Michael Hingson is a blind man...and he was in Tower One of the World Trade Center in New York when his world exploded. 
Michael doesn't just tell his story of that day; he tells the story of his life.  You have to understand that he was the blind kid who rode his bicycle on the streets of his hometown to comprehend his courage on 9/11.  You'll want to know about the history of his guide dogs so you'll fully appreciate the resolution and focus of Roselle, his seeing-eye dog on that day.  What a story--to see the unity, trust and determination of one blind man and his faithful dog in the midst of a tragedy.
This story isn't only the story of Michael Hingson, but it's the insight our culture needs to hear about the blind.  Michael shares his victories, his frustrations, his normalcy and even the bigotry he's faced as a blind man.  Can you imagine being refused access to a taxi or a flight because of having a seeing-eye dog?  
Roselle was the last touch of unconditional love one fireman received on that fateful day.  This is a story you'll want to read.

I'd give this book 4 out of 5 stars!
Thank you to Book Sneeze  for providing this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn

The Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn is a page-turner.  In fact, I stayed up until 3:30 one morning to finish this book. I've read most of Davis Bunn's books, so I was anxious to receive this book to review.  I can tell you that this book is a departure from Davis Bunn's subject matter, but it still embraces his legal/thriller style.
Marc Royce, formerly employed by the State Department Intelligence, was dismissed by a boss consumed with his work and who expected the same of his employees.  Marc chose to take care of his dying wife over his job.  But now she was gone...and he was alone.  He was now employed as a forensic accountant; a boring job.  His former boss, Ambassador Walton, comes to enlist Marc's assistance to find Marc's best friend, Alex, and two women (all Christians) who had gone missing in Baghdad.  Within 3 hours, Marc is on a private jet heading to Baghdad and just a little rusty at intelligence work.
Marc is put in contact with Sameh, an Iraqi Christian lawyer.  This lawyer has been spending much of his time recovering kidnapped children who were used as leverage with their families for votes in the new and unstable Iraqi government.  Jaffar, the Grand Imam's son, employs the help of Sameh to find a missing Iraqi man.  After Marc & Sameh begin to work together, they are sure the disappearance of these 4 people are somehow connected.
Marc & Sameh are put in various situations which begin to make the Iraqi and U.S. government take notice of these two men.  And neither govenment is anxious for the four missing people to be found nor for Marc or Sameh to receive any kind of notoriety.  Marc manages to stay out of the spotlight which endears him to Sameh's family and to many leaders.  And trust is born.  Both men soon find out why two governments don't want missing people found...and they see God at work.
This is a great story.  And I can only hope that God is at work in Iraq in the way this story portrays!

I'd give this book 5 out of 5 stars!
Thank you to Bethany House  for providing this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip to Dallas

I was browsing through my blogs and realized I missed a whole set of grandkids along the way.  Then I realized I'd forgotten to take my camera along.  But then I thought, "My phone!  I took pics on my phone!"  So here they are...

The Wright family has moved to DALLAS!!  We're thrilled, of course.  Jay & Amy had planned to go on a retreat and asked me to come babysit.  Of course I wanted to---it was my first time to visit their new home in Dallas.  And I wanted those grandkids to realize just how much more often we were going to get to see one another.  Dallas is so much closer than Florida.

Before mom left, she pulled out the fuse beads and let the kids create.  I posted on facebook that I was so impressed with her as a mom---I never let my kids play with them.  But then Zach corrected me and reminded me of the things he made...and I remembered.  Now I'm pretty impressed that I let my kids play with them.

Josiah was very into it.  His colors had to be just right.

Isaac created an airplane.

The first day mom and dad were gone, we ventured to Half-Price Books for the morning.  We timed it just right!!  They were having a party for children and a tv celebrity was reading "Corduroy"  to them. 

Can you tell what just happened?  LOL!

When we sat down, a lady came and asked us if these kids had been there before--particularly Olivia.  I knew that they had.  She said Olivia was quite the celebrity because of this video from that trip.

And another celebrity showed up!  Can you tell who it is?

The BOOKWORM, of course!  He/She enjoyed coloring with the boys.

The next day, we ventured in the same direction, only further, to the mall to watch a movie and purchase Olivia's birthday gift.  We went to the Disney store and she shopped for quite some time before she made her purchase.  Her birthday is "20 August 9" according to Miss Olivia.  By the way, I was so impressed with myself for driving in Dallas and not getting lost.  The boys were afraid I would...

When mom and dad came home, they took us to downtown Dallas to experience the trolley.  It was so much fun (and free!).  The kids really enjoyed it. 

When we reached the end of the line, we all stood up and flipped our chairs to face the other direction.

Isaac sat up front and center and paid close attention to the trolley car driver who gave us a history lesson about Dallas, the dollar bill, and the trolley line.  It was really fun.  The kids even got to blow the horn.

Am I blessed to get to spend so much time with my 8 grandchildren or what???  I'm thankful that I'll get to see these three more often now that they're closer.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Light Saber Story

A war broke out in my living room this evening!  And light sabers were clashing.  Prince Ryan challenged his father to a battle. 

Is that fear on Prince Ryan's face?

This is not red eye.  This is how his father's eyes look in the heat of battle!

Alas!  The victor!!

But he rises from the dead and the battle breaks out again--only to have Ryan sweep both sabers out of his father's hands.  Princess Warrior rises from her dinner of spaghetti to view the battle.

Oh no!  The saber enters his father's heart.

And he laughs menancingly as his father falls.  Princess Warrior helps her brother get him down to the ground.

Princess Addilyn enters the battle.  It's a battle of royal siblings against their father.


But she rises...

...to pose...

...amidst the battle.

The final moments of light saber battle.

The father has been hit!

The end of the battle.  All is lost.
(It was bedtime.)

Dance Off

Caitlin & Alexis had a "Dance Off" last night.  They danced to Viva Las Vegas by Elvis.  Below you will see their dance moves.  It was very well choreographed and well performed!

And this is Uncle David...their sound engineer and audience.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scavanger Hunt

Last night, our youth group came by on a scavenger hunt.  They needed Andy to go to the church, representing a "grandfather," and they would get 2000 points.  So Caitlin asked if she could go with him.  She loved it!  So tonight, she created her own scavanger hunt for the younger ones at our house--Alexis, her younger sister, and Ryan & Addie, her younger cousins.

She made a list of things for each kid to find and then hid them herself.  Here she is on the porch waiting for them to find the things.

Ryan went down the street looking for something, anything on the list!

Alexis refused to find a live bug.

Ryan...contemplating the list.

Finally....Alexis gives him a little assistance.

Addie had to get help finding and getting the tennis shoe out of the tree.

And these are just a few of the prizes brought in from the scavanger hunt list. 
(It kept them busy for almost an hour!!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

This commercial brought to you by...


I don't recommend many products mainly because I don't use many products!  But my last trip to get a pedicure had me searching for something new.  I thought the man administering my pedicure was going to bring out the sandblaster after using the iron brush on my heels (not really...but really???).  I left the place I usually go for beautiful toes, rest, and the great massage chairs...limping.  He was not impressed and neither was I.  I couldn't tell (because they were speaking another language), but I think he was spreading the word that everyone better hope they never got me as their client.

My heels have always been bad--especially in the summer.  I'd heard that when they're that bad, it could be a form of a fungus.  Lovely.  So I began looking for the cure.   And I found Footlogix and ordered it. 

This is a mousse.  You sparingly apply it to your heels twice a day.  Did I tell you that I don't do products?  I start off well and have great intentions.  So for a whole week, I applied the mousse twice a day.  Then I tried to remember to do it once a day.  Then I'd happen to see it on my bathroom counter and think, "Oh yeah!  I need to do that again."  Then five days later, I'd do it again.

I needed a pedicure today.  And while I was at work, I thought, "I hope I don't get Mr. Sandblaster again!"  And that's when I reached down and felt of my heel.  I mean...it had been a week since I'd remembered to put the mousse on my heels.  And remarkably---they were SMOOTH!  Amazing!!  I don't ever remember having smooth heels.

I highly recommend Footlogix #3!  So does my pedicurist.  If my interpretation is correct, I think she was saying to Mr. Sandblaster, "No way was that the same lady you had last time!  Not only did she have smooth heels, but she must have lost a lot of weight!"  If my interpretation is correct.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend With Dax

Zach was Rocking the Desert and Shanna was shooting a wedding.  So I got to watch Dax.  Below is my view of our weekend.  He is precious!

He didn't want to take a nap, so I took him to my bed and layed down with him.  This was my view.

And this was my view as he awakened.  As you can imagine, he was stretching with a smile.

Then he began talking to me. 
We're working on "Gee."

I had to get a photo of those baby hand dimples.

And those fat baby feet. 
(I don't think he's going to have Dietz-feet!)

"Those were PEAS???"

His mommy picked up the camera and got this shot. 
I love those leg wrinkles!!

"What is THAT???"

I put Dax on the ground for a bit and watched him in the beginning stages of crawling.  I love that little rump!I think by the next time I go, he'll be saying, "Gee!"  We worked hard on that.  Dax is a happy baby...and I loved my time with him.