Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Prayer

Thank you that you've chosen this year for each of us to live. I can't imagine living in a more exciting time. I praise you for everything in our lives that has led up to this year. The hard things have shaped us. The good things have blessed us. Thank you. We give this coming year to you. We don't know where you want us to be at what time, so please guide us. Put people into our lives that need you. Let our light so shine before men that they will be drawn to you. I pray that this year, you will be glorified through our lives more than ever. Give us lives of submission. Give us eyes to see what you see. Give us hearts filled with love and kindness and minds filled with truth. And us how to bless you this year. We want to know you better and we want to please you more, Father. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Mary Burleson said...

Great post Becky, glad you wrote it. It's such a good reminder of what we all know but too often forget. Thanks for helping us start out the new year on the right path. MB

Lindsey said...