Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slumber Party



They're getting so big. But they still like the same things we were doing 5 years ago at our slumber parties. Fake nails and movies. Just doesn't get better than that! (Of course, a little sugar thrown in for good measure. I'm the grandmother after all!) But the last two times we've done this, they're not satisified unless I get nails, too. Too much fun--and I figure I'm building memories. They wanted me to get some wild nails but I told them they probably weren't appropriate for grandmas. (Plus the last time we did this, those nails would not come off! I finally went to the beauty shop and soaked my fingernails in acetone until they melted off. The glue has improved.) This was also Alexis' first time to get to use glue instead of press-on nails with--mom's permission, of course. She was so excited!!
We had a movie marathon of Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs and G Force. Both cute movies, but I had no idea hamsters had so many body noises....
These girls certainly have the sarcasm going on. Of course, their grandfather knows how to push buttons. For instance, on the way to Amarillo--taking them home...
Andy: "Did you know cows don't like to eat hay from the round bales of hay?"
Girls: "No."
Andy: "Yeah, they can't get a square meal."
Caitlin: "WHAT does that even mean, Pops?"
Andy: "You know...a square meal. It means a well-balanced meal."
Alexis: "Pops, that isn't funny."
Caitlin: "You don't know how to tell a joke, Pops!"
Andy: "It's FUNNY!! Cows want a square meal."
Girls: "It's not funny, Pops."
Andy: "Tell the joke to Granny and see if she laughs."
Joke is told to Granny (my mom) and she laughs a bit which brings about the whole conversation again.
Andy: "Tell the joke to Honey (their other grandfather) when you get home and see if he laughs.
Caitlin: "He's going to say, 'Who told you that joke??' and when I say, 'Pops,' he's going to say, 'Oh...that figures."
Yep, they're getting big.


Sarah said...

That is too funny!!! Enjoy them, plus, fake nails aren't so bad!!! :)

amy wright said...

They are getting big! I can't wait to see them this summer.

Kallie G said...

I got a kick out of that...Ricky tells me that EVERY time we
see a round hay if I forgot the punchline!
Those girls are beautiful! Alexis looks so much like you
and Amy! Gorgeous!!

Lindsey said...

I'm just now getting to read all these. How hilarious! I can't believe how old both girls look, especially with their nails done. I won't tell them that, though!