Friday, January 1, 2010

For the Wright Guys

I knew of one family that might appreciate these photos....and not because I'm in them, but because of who I'm with! The Wright Guys!! Happy Star Wars New Year, Isaac & Josiah!

My cousin purchased these movie cut-outs for her brother for Christmas. She brought them to Pampa tonight and I just had to have a photo taken with R2D2 and....who??

I do remember this guy---Yoda!

Benjamin was there and we took his photo with them, too!

I wish you could have been there so we could take your picture, too!


amy wright said...

Josiah says, "Thank you for the pictures!" They were both very excited when they saw them.

Jean said...

Gee, your are the best granny ever!!

Sandra said...


Sandra said...
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