Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do I love?

What do I love about Andy?

I love his quirky sense of humor.

I love his passion for God and the things of God.

I love how excited he gets over a football play and has to run upstairs to tell me about it.

I love how much he loves his kids and grandkids. I love that he would keep our 4 kids for a week at a time when they were young, while I went home. He never complained.

I love that he never gives up.

I love how meticulous he is.

I love that he's a champion of the underdog.

I love how much he loves music. I love to hear him sing and how much passion is in his singing.

I love his quiet strength--and that it was the first thing I noticed about him 35 years ago!

I love how he's poured himself into so many young people through the years.

I love his compassion.

I love his relationship with Ralph--it's one of a kind!

I love how he likes to share a new truth with someone and keeps at it until the lights come on for them!

I love how steadfast he is.

I love that he knows how and likes to decorate. I love the crazy voice he uses when he decorates.
I love that he's teachable.

I love that he likes to try new things.

I love that he doesn't let me get away with everything I want.

I love how sensitive he is.

I love how he pooches out his belly for a laugh.

I love how he's grown through the years. He's found a balance with his strengths and weaknesses.

I love how others perceive him. So many of our friends consider him their pastor.

I love his passion for other cultures. I especially love how he tries to speak their languages! I love that he's not afraid to try.

I love how punctual he is.

I love how he's never stayed in a box or in any certain mold. He's adjusted to whatever God has told him to do and taken new directions.

I love when he gets really tickled and how hard he laughs.

I love how he takes care of the things he owns.

I love how he likes the way he irons better than the way I iron.

I love how alive he gets when he's on a mission trip.

I love to watch and hear him snore.

I love how he does his Donald Duck voice for his grandkids.

I love that he very seldom gets angry.

I love how fast he walks through an airport and expects everyone to keep up.

I love how he interacts with senior adults. (They love him.)

I love that he loves to have fun.

I love to watch him cook steaks. He becomes Chef Andre. (And I love that he has a secret steak rub--but we all know his secret ingredient is paprika--on everything he cooks!)

I love that he's cautious.

I love that he makes up nicknames for kids.

I love that he takes the stairs 2 at a time.

I love when he looks at me from across the room over a private joke--or when he looks at me from the pulpit for approval.

I love that he taught my family how to be demonstrative with one another.

I love the essence of who Andy is.

And...I love that he loves me.


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Awwww, it was neat for me to see you "show" your love!! HA! There were many things on that list that made me laugh as I have experienced many of those things about Andy!! Love you Andy!

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

why on my blog list under your name it says, "Billie Lemons" What tha??

Elizabeth said...

Made me cry. It's beautiful to see your love for one another.