Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decisive Victory!

Did you think it was possible to have a decisive victory over a stronghold in your life while on earth? I think I believed it theoretically....just not personally. But I had one this month. In fact, when I realized it was a decisive victory, I felt clothed in it, I laughed hysterically and felt like I'd climbed a mountain and planted a flag at the top.
When God told Moses, and then Joshua, to lead the people into the Promised Land, he told them to take it one city at a time to keep the dogs from taking over the land. That's how He works in my life. We work on one area at a time. But there has been one area in my life where I never thought I'd have a complete victory. Have one of those? I've worked on it through the years and had small-step-victories, just not a complete victory.
It was recently that I realized how much I focused on what wasn't completed in my life instead of being thankful for what God had done. So I began thanking Him for how much change He'd worked in my life in this area.
And then before happened! I experienced an attack from the enemy. He'd set me up to fall back into an old pattern. And my response was completely different than it had ever been. In fact, it was so different, I was even stunned. And at that moment, I knew. I knew I'd had a decisive victory. It was exhilarating!
Now I'm not ignorant enough to believe Satan won't come back around and try to take that mountain back. I know he'll try. I'm just believing God. When He gives us a Promised Land, it's ours. He expects us to possess it. And I didn't put that flag on top of the mountain for nothing!

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