Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pinafores by Ashley

My cousin, Ashley Yost, is a very gifted seamstress.  

(Dan & Ashley just got married last May!)

She makes these adorable pinafores for little girls--of all sizes.  Not only is she skilled in her craft, she has a great eye for fabric!  I love what she's chosen.  She's just started selling these on Etsy and I encourage you to take a look at all of the different things she has here.

The amazing thing about these pinafores is that they are REVERSIBLE!!  (You can see the contrasting fabric for each pinafore on her Etsy site.)

I know all of my girls have had these for their daughters and loved them.

When they'd be eating at a restaurant and the pinafore would get dirty, they'd just reverse it to the other side---and wallah!  A clean outfit!

I love how they criss-cross in the back.
(And they're easy to put on!)

These are perfect for summer.

There also great for winter--just add a long-sleeved shirt under the pinafore!

They're cute as a dress.  
(I really like them with diaper bloomers!)

They're cute over shorts.

They're cute over jeans.

They're cute over leggings.

Your little girl may like skirts better...she has them, too!

Her business is called LassieGirlInc.  
Her customers talk about her great quality and fast shipping!
Everything is reasonably priced.
(And she even has some things on sale!)
*If you don't see the size you need, she also does custom orders*

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