Monday, March 10, 2014

Chasing God

Chasing God.  It sounds right, doesn't it?  It did until I read my friend's blog.  Hope Huddleston challenges me in many ways.  And she challenged me with her blog.  I couldn't stop thinking about it!  She read the book, Chasing God, by Angie Smith.  Here's a quote from that book which has stayed with me since I read it:
It's the difference between following and chasing.
The key that finally turned the door of my faith was understanding that we are called to one and not the other.
Angie goes on to say in her book that God revealed this to her:
You chase Me because you trust your own legs more than you trust Me.
You chase Me because you can feel the air in your lungs, not because you want to breathe true life.
And as long as you can chase, you still get a say.  You maintain part-ownership of our relationship.  You would run forever in the wrong direction if it meant your flesh didn't have to admit the truth.
You chase because it feels like you can.
Chasing vs. Following.  I've run hard for many years chasing God.  Doing it my way, in my own strength, having a say in how it looks.  In fact, if I'm honest, I've often pushed God trying to get Him to go faster or even just gone around Him setting my own pace and going where I wanted to go, asking Him to bless it.  But I'm called to FOLLOW.  Following seems to be a much slower, easier pace.  It's walking behind my Shepherd knowing He's leading me to still waters and green grass.  It's waiting on Him.  He has my best interest at heart.

Thanks, Hope, for posting this.  You've challenged me once again.  By the way....I LOVE your new look and hope you'll blog about it soon!!  You are one gutsy, beautiful lady to emulate!

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