Sunday, March 2, 2014


I guess the older I get, the more nostalgic I get.  In fact, I think it just happened this year!!  While Andy & I were toodling around the country this year, I found some treasures I just had to have.  And I realized at every junk store or flea market, I was looking for one thing--things which evoked a memory.  These are some of the things I found and I had no idea where I'd put them when I got them, but I wanted them.  And it's been fun finding their new home.

This red ladder came from Clarendon.  Sandra & I stopped there on our way to Scott's bone marrow donation, lugged it to Ft. Worth, let it stay with Aunt Juanita a few days and lugged it back home.  Why didn't we wait til we were on our way home to buy it, you ask?  Beats me!!  I totally love it.  It brings back memories of my dad painting houses--one of his many side jobs.  In fact, I think he had one very similar to this.

My mom had a set of these bowls while I was growing up.  I remember bread rising in the yellow bowl like this one on many, many days.  I don't remember her having the red or blue bowl, but she probably did and we kids broke it at some point.  I found this treasure in Ruidoso.  I paid more than I wanted to, but found out later I really got a good deal as I saw more sets on my travels!  Score!!  And by the way...I have these in my cabinet and use them every day.

Who remembers gym baskets?  Well...guess what?  I was the basket girl at Pampa Jr. High.  That meant I got out of P.E. I checked out the girls' baskets to them and then they changed clothes and put on their P.E. blue bloomers (yeah...real cute) and then reversed the process at the end of gym class.  After I'd checked the baskets in at the beginning of class, I snuck my way over to Patrick's to get ice cream.  (I actually had the gym teacher's permission, but my dad had forbidden me to go there.  And...he was a mailman in that area and I was always afraid I'd get caught...and did once...or twice.  I don't know why I was afraid, I hardly remember Daddy ever disciplining me!)  So yes...these gym baskets bring back some great memories.  I found these on 6th Street in Amarillo.

I have no idea what I'm going to find next.  
But I'm sure it will be something which evokes a memory.

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