Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg

The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg is a novel based on the true stories of those who were sent to death camps while Hitler was on a murderous mission to kill an entire race of people.  Not only were there Jews who waited to be exterminated in these camps, but others who had aided the Jews--trying to help them escape Hitler and his henchmen.  This is the story of those prisoners in Auschwitz who saw the atrocities there day after day and created a resistance group determined to escape and get the message to the rest of the world that these weren't labor camps as Hitler publicized, but death camps.  The resistance group saw trainloads of people brought to Auschwitz day after day, but it was the rumor that hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews were about to be captured and sent there--to die immediately upon arrival--that spurred a plan to escape and tell the world what was truly happening.

This is a difficult book to read at times because it's all too real.  But oh what a story that needs to be told!  It's also a story we mustn't forget.  I encourage everyone to get this book today and read it!  Thank you, Joel C. Rosenberg, for writing a hard story...with great style.

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