Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I've had unique experiences in my adult life.  I've had the privilege of worshiping the God I love while either my husband or one of my three sons or my son-in-law lead worship.  You may have no idea what that's like.  It's a multi-layered encounter.  Your heart is at once drawn to the throne and heart  of God.  But you can't help but be conscious of the fact that it's coming through the skill of someone you love.  It's a double love experience.  Your worship is directed toward God all while your heart swells with love for the person leading you in that worship and a sincere appreciation for the gift God has given them to lead that worship.  Of course, I've experienced it for years with Andy.  But I'll never forget the first time I experienced it with one of my sons.  Matt had written a song and he and the band were singing it in a worship service at West Texas A&M.  I was overwhelmed as we all sang and worshiped, lifting our hands in praise to God.  In the midst of that, I became cognizant of the fact that I was worshiping God with a song my son had written and watched in wonder as a crowd of college students exuberantly lifted their voices in praise.  I can't even describe what that was like.  I've since experienced the same thing with each of my sons and my son-in-law.   I know...I am abundantly blessed.

Tonight, I was in Dalhart at New Life Church.  Zach is worship leader there.  Several churches are cooperating in having activities for their youth during spring break and they had asked Andy to come speak on missions.  They had a band made up from their worship leaders--which not only included Zach, but also one of our former youth.  They led us in worship.  I was moved once again. And I couldn't help but fall to my knees in worship of the God I love.


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