Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Andy was singing with Vicki & the Royalheirs when we met.  My college roommate had the 8-track and we listened to this album all the time!  Little did I know I would marry this incredible musician!  
(Andy's on the top left)

I'm going through Beth Moore's study, The Inheritance (again), and one of the first questions she asks is this, "What was the year that changed your life?"  I've been thinking on that and there have been many life-changing moments throughout my life and most came through difficult circumstances.  But I want to tell you about the first moment which came through Dale Younce's teaching.

I was 12-years-old and at CEF camp.  (That is Child Evangelism Camp, for those not familiar.  You can check CEF out here.)  My mom taught CEF and we went to their camp every summer.  Dale Younce was the pastor at Faith Covenant (Bible) Church in Borger and he was teaching on dating at camp that year.  He encouraged us to begin praying this way:  "God prepare me for my spouse.  And prepare my spouse for me."

Remember...I was 12-years-old.  But I took up his challenge.  I consistently prayed that God would prepare me for my husband and prepare my husband for me.  Andy was 17-years-old when I began praying that way.  I didn't meet my future husband until six years later.  I've often wondered what those prayers did...

And then when we did meet, it was on a blind date set up by two of our friends.  And I can tell you that I KNEW when I met Andy that I was going to marry him!  Later, he told me the same thing.  It was if our spirits recognized one another.  I'm not saying it's a formula, but I am saying God prepared us for one another and we knew it when we met.

My life changed when I was 12-years-old.  I believed God would hear and answer my prayers and I took this one prayer very seriously.  So did God.

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