Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Energizer Bunny

For those who know Andy, they won't be surprised to hear me call him my Energizer Bunny.  The guy has no end to his energy!  Especially when it involves ministry.

This past weekend, we had our first-ever Disciple Now for the youth at First Baptist Church, Groom.  Andy organized it (with some great help from our youth leaders) and had Zach come help lead it.

He loves the youth--and, as many of you can confirm, he loves to give them a hard time.

He taught some of the Bible studies on worship.

He played the games.

He preached Sunday morning and then took a group of youth to visit an older man from our church who is in rehab in Amarillo.

He got to play with two of our grandkids for about 24 hours!

And tonight he's spending a couple of hours with the youth as they learn the drama.
He loves it all!
And he never stops...

(You won't want to miss his live interview with Huffington Post--Thursday at 3:20 Central time!)
His book comes out the first of June.  We're pretty excited!

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