Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kaye Rene

Kaye on the left

Meet Kaye Rene (pronounced like "seen").  Kaye is one of my dearest friends.  We met at church and our kids' school years ago, but I actually got to know her well when we moved to Crockett Street across from her house on Austin Street.  Amy brought Liz, Kaye's daughter, into our house one day soon after we'd moved in.  Liz was the shyest little girl I'd ever met!  I asked her what her name was and she mumbled, "Elizabeth" under her breath.  I asked again a few more times until Amy said, "'s LIZ!"  Amy & Liz became fast friends.  One day, they hatched the idea that they would get both of their moms to take them to drive around get a Coke.  And it worked.

I remember Kaye was driving.  I fully expected the girls, who were sitting in the back seat, to talk and for Kaye and I to talk.  But Kaye turned the conversation to include all four of us.  This wasn't something I was used to--you know, "kids are to be seen and not heard" whole attitude.   But Kaye was a great guide into this unknown arena.  The four of us had a great time together...and the girls discovered this was a great way to escape the world of boys in our neighborhood.  So it became something we did very often.  Soon, it turned into a time when we'd get something to drink, drive all over Borger, and even pray over our community, friends, family, and our own needs.  And I learned a lot.  I learned how important it was to hear our daughters' hearts.  I learned what was going on in their lives, their frustrations, dreams, boy interests, etc.  I learned things I never would have learned if I hadn't been taught to listen and to include these girls in our conversation.  I owe a lot to Kaye.

Kaye Rene is hysterical and has an infectious laugh.  For instance, in the photo above, Andy & I were celebrating our 20th anniversary of being on staff at First Baptist Church Borger.  Jay & Amy and their children had come.  Someone was taking photos of us and Kaye was nearby and just stepped into the photo--without the photographer having any idea.  You can see that we are all laughing our heads off---while Kaye just smiles sweetly for the camera.  It's my favorite photo from that night.

We have so much history together...mission trips, girls' trips, spiritual warfare, a trip to California, our kids' weddings, births of grandkids.  The list goes on and on.  Kaye is one of those "love you forever" kind of friends.  Our hearts are knit together.  Kaye has invested so much in my life--I owe her more than you can imagine.  I'm so glad God placed us at the corner of Crockett & Austin.

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