Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Most Excellent Thanksgiving

I wish I'd taken a picture of Amy's whole family---and certainly didn't think of it when they unexpectedly showed up on our doorstep Wednesday night! It was a total surprise---and something I couldn't even wrap my mind around for awhile. The other kids were in on the secret and no one let it slip--not even the grandkids! I was excited that I was going to have some of my kids for Thanksgiving, but to have all of them at some time or other met a need in my soul. What a gift!!

Pretty girl! Olivia. This is the little girl I work at bonding with--since she moved away when she was only a year old. I want her growing up knowing her Gee!

Olivia discovered her mommy's stocking on the Christmas tree.

Bryson joined us to play guns. Bryson, Josiah, Isaac & Ryan. Isaac & Ryan have a special bond. When Isaac saw Ryan for the first time Wednesday night, he wrapped him up in his arms and began crying, saying, "I missed you, Ryan!" They really love each other.

The kids' table. The things they were thankful for? Sharks (Isaac), Kitty Cats (Addie), Our New House (Ryan), Jesus loving me (Josiah).

The 20-something's table.

Andy, Liz, Janis, Wynola & Mike--or our Senior Adult table.

Shanna, Isaac, Josiah & Mumzie (Zach)

Aren't these girls beautiful? Amy, Lindsey & Shanna---sisters-in-law. Don't you love how God puts family together?

Pops taught Caitlin how to drive the riding lawn mower. Here, he was showing her how to stop it. (Good to know!)

Pops taught Alexis how to drive the lawn mower also. But she really wasn't heavy enough to weight the seat down to keep it going. Plus it was too loud, she said!

Today, we had the Sanders Family Reunion in Waka, Tx. There were only 6 cousins and 1 aunt in attendance, spouses and some kids. But what fun!! This group knows how to laugh!! (LOUD)

The little guys all got guns to play with. And they played their hearts out for 2 days---non-stop! Here, David is the monster that the guys have to "take out!" They had so much fun together!


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

What a cool surprise!! I love how the cousins love each other. Hudson is that way with Craig's sister's kids--and it's LOUD for the first few hours they are together!!

amy wright said...

I'm so glad we were able to come! What a great Thanksgiving. The video is hilarious...a good taste of those couple of days. :)

patmint said...

God is sooooo good !!!! Good times with our families are the best.

Jean said...

Surprise can be a blessing! This surprise was. I enjoyed all of your pictures. Having all of your kids home for Thanksgiving is the most wonderful thing to be grateful for:)

Lindsey said...

What fun! Those boys are crazy! I'm glad you enjoyed your surprise. It was so hard to keep it a secret!

Tammy said...

Becky that is awesome! That would be the best surprise ever.