Monday, November 2, 2009


I have GOT to get back into the habit of cooking.
How did I ever get out of it?
And how do I get back into it?


Tammy said...

for me, it kind of started dwindling down once it got to just the mister and me. during the summer, i really just don't cook a lot. we grill out, eat out, scavenge hunt for something to eat..... we work too hard and are on the go too much. with winter come hibernation for us. i love to cook in the winter. so we eat, sleep - eat and sleep some more. hahahahaha BUT i have not found myself getting into the cooking mode so much yet. hmmmmm what's up with that? if you find an answer, please share it!

amy wright said...

Even I (with 3 kids) have gotten out of the habit. This is what you do...make a list, go buy the food, and make it! And you'll feel guilty (or broke) if you don't eat the food in your fridge. Worked for me. :)
BUT, when my kids are grown and gone, I'm not sure how much cooking I'll do either. I'd like to think that I'll cook better...hmmm...we'll just have to wait and see.

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Just simplify--that's what I have done. And I do what Amy says--make a menu for the week, and go boy everything. I need a plan--and I need simple. Lots of times, I will do a main dish--quesadilla, pita pizza, meat on the bbq, whatever, then we just have fresh veggies on the side!!