Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines, Marriage...and Reality

Andy came home for lunch today and we had an interesting conversation.  He told me he was wanting to have a marriage conference in our church at some point and was talking about who he'd like to have lead the conference.  We discussed that for a while.

Then I just point blank asked him, "Who do you know who has a great marriage?"  We just kind of looked at each other for awhile.

I mean...we know lots of people with good marriages.  We know even more people who tolerate one another really well.  But we went even further and defined a great marriage to be a couple who really ENJOYS one another.  Who is that?

And we realized we could count those people on two fingers.

I think we could all work on improving our relationships.  Let's let this Valentine's Day be a jump-start for our relationships.  Let's learn how to really and truly enjoy one another.  I think God would delight in this prayer:

Would you bring a deep and abiding love into our marriage?  Would you teach me how to treat my spouse?  Would you train me to be selfless and think more of my spouse's needs than my own?  I want to learn how to ENJOY my spouse.  I want to learn what brings delight to their heart and their lives.  I want our needs to be met in You so that when we meet one another's needs, it just icing on the cake!  Fulfill us in You and teach us to love like You love.  Let us be a reflection of You.  And let our marriage be a marriage that others see as a GREAT marriage!
In Jesus' name, Amen.

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