Monday, February 24, 2014

A Psalm 23 Prayer for Groom Tonight

Thank you that you are the Good Shepherd in Groom tonight.  Thank you for loving your sheep, knowing them deeply and personally, and for guarding them.  Thank you that as we sleep tonight, you are laying across the threshold watching diligently and keeping the enemy away.  Thank you for providing for the needs of those you love...the food we need, the refreshment, the rest.  I'm trusting you to give sweet sleep to those who haven't been able to sleep because of tragedy in their lives.  I'm asking you to refresh and restore those who are mourning. Lead us right into the paths of righteousness for your glory, your honor, your good plan.  God, there are those who have walked into that deep cavernous valley of the shadow of death.  It's long, dark, overwhelming and frightening.  It's so easy to feel alone.  Please make your presence known and very real and dispel the darkness and the fear.  Remind us that it's just a shadow...that there's light and life on the other side!  And help us to see you standing there with your staff and your rod---ready to help pick us up or to fight off any enemy who would dare attack us.  Your very presence brings peace, life and light.  Thank you for that.  Thank you that you let our enemy know how loved and special we are.  You adore us and throw us a party--all while that enemy is watching!  And you laugh in your delight of us!  Thank you for your anointing--the holy oil flowing over our heads to bless us because you favor us.  Please fill our hearts as full.  Even (or because) of these hard things, let us know of your delight, your blessing, your nearness, your life.  I know you are with us each hard step.  Your goodness, your mercy follow keep your hand of blessing on us.  Be our dwelling place.  Let us carry your presence everywhere we go.  Let us find our home in you.  Comfort us.  Bless us with peace tonight.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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