Sunday, February 23, 2014

A One Word Legacy

We had a tragedy in Groom, TX today.  A 14-year-old young man died.  I didn't know Blake Weinheimer...but I'll never forget the one word legacy he's left behind. Blake was a journalist for The Times of the Tiger and this year they took up the challenge from Mike Ashcroft of and chose one word to live by.  Blake chose the word "purpose."  This is what he said:

By Blake Weinheimer 
My word is purpose because I want everything I do this year to have a purpose. And, I want it to be a good purpose, not a bad one. I want to make sure that there’s a reason for everything I do, say and think. If there’s not a good reason for something, then why should I do it? Purpose is the word that I would like to live by for 2014. 

Honestly, I'd never heard of the "my one word" challenge.  But it's affected me.  What word would I choose?  What legacy do I want to pass on?  I believe Blake chose a good word to live by...and one for which he'll long be remembered.  And I believe his friends will take up this legacy and prize it.

Please pray for Blake's family and friends.  Our community is in shock and deep mourning.

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