Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Worst Nightmare

I had a friend send me a video to watch tonight.  Thanks, Jerry Hamlin--I'll have bad dreams tonight!  It's absolutely my worst nightmare.

You dad took us on a great vacation every summer.  Something I'm truly thankful for.  We took some wonderful trips!  He'd sometimes work 3-4 jobs just to save money so he could take us all over the United States to see our country.  Of course, mom was just as much a part as she budgeted that money and took care of us kids while he worked.   It really started when we'd drive to Red River and take that Old Red River Road that was a windy, steep, narrow road.  I can remember us having to hug the rock side of the road to let someone pass...or backing up to a place so someone could go around us.  It terrified me.  But the crisis trip was when we took a bus ride up Pike's Peak.  (At least, that's where I think it was!)  I was fine and having a good time and fully confident in our bus driver.  Until I moved to the very back seat....and the driver had to back the bus up to make a turn...and until my end of the bus was hanging over the mountain!!!
I screamed, "STOP!!!!!" 

And he did.  And he picked up his tour bus microphone and said, "Thank you."  And the whole bus laughed.  I was so terrified I didn't have time to be humiliated.  And I was just thankful he stopped!!

This video reminds me of those drives.

I remember one trip with Andy in the mountains when I made him stop and let me walk.  I truly don't like mountain roads.

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Juanita said...

I've felt that way a few times, (including on Pike's Peak in my car), when James was driving. He scares me to death driving in the mountains.