Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Let me preface my story by telling you that David is leading worship for our youth service on Wednesday nights. So that means that David, Lindsey, Ryan & Addie have been coming over every Wednesday for the past three weeks and going to church with us. Ryan started out in Awanas and Addie in Cubbies, but because of a little anxiety for both kids about being in a new church (after a couple of other "new" situations), we put Ryan in Cubbies with Addie tonight. And I've been staying in there with them.
Well, tonight we started out with playdough. And then the kids took turns going to the bathroom to wash their hands (I was the hand washing overseer). From there, they went into music class with Ms. Georgia---the kids love Ms. Georgia. I slipped away for a few minutes. (I have this plan to wean the kids from me being in there.) So I was in the Cubby room with the regular teacher and her husband. We heard the kids singing a song along with a tape and I took a quick peek and saw that they were playing musical chairs. These are mostly 4-year-0lds, mind you. One by one, as kids were eliminated, you would hear wailing. At first it was a mild wail. And then when the song ended again, the wailing doubled. The teachers & I in the other room were laughing our heads off! Finally, after the wailing quadrupled, the music was turned off and chairs were moved. Ms. Georgia moved on to singing.
I doubt they play musical chairs in Cubby's again anytime soon---I don't think these kids were ready for that kind of rejection!


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

that was funny.

amy wright said...

What? You mean you want to wean yourself from that kind of entertainment? hahaha
I wish our church had AWANAS. I love that program.

Lindsey said...

I'm so thankful that my kids have such a great Guh. I love that you're trying to make this transition as easy as possible for them (and me). Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you!

Kara and Dave said...

We love Cubbies. Dave and I are helping with cubbies this year and just love it. I've missed your blog Becky.