Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not a trap

When I asked the question if you felt you'd been desensitized, I really wasn't trying to trap you and it was no trick question. I had to ask myself that same question this morning when I read Ezekiel 9.
Remember Ezekiel 8 from yesterday? There was idol worship everywhere--some even in a hole in the wall. Secret sins, hidden sins--but some very blatant sins.
Well, Ezekiel 9 starts with the Spirit screaming in Ezekiel's ear to call the executioners forward. One man had writer's ink in his hand and the Spirit instructed him to go out and mark the foreheads of the men who sighed and groaned over all the abominations that were committed in the midst of them. Those men were saved. The rest were executed. (Some other words used in other translations to describe the sighing and groaning: grieved and lamented...who were in anguish over the abominations...to weep...truly upset and sad.)
Do I sigh and groan over sin? Or have I become desensitized to it? We hear about abortions so much that it's lost its shock. And now we don't just hear about homosexuality, we hear about it in the church leadership. Do we grieve? We know there are churches splitting over the least dissension--but are we brokenhearted? We read headlines of a murder and turn and carry on a normal conversation without a second thought. Do we care someone died unnecessarily? That's why I asked.
Can we even work up tears over the fact that we don't groan and sigh?
Would our foreheads be marked...or not?

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Lindsey said...

I think even in the small things we (and I include myself in this) are desensitized. How many shows do we watch on TV that are full of lust, drunkenness, fornication, murder, and other things of this world? And yet, we continue to watch, because to us, it's just TV. It's like everything outside that black box isn't ok, but if you put it on a screen it suddenly becomes acceptable because it's not "real." It's disgusting, and something I've been convicted about many times. I do grieve over abortions still. And homosexuality, especially in the church. But, I find myself hypocritical in what I am desensitized against. Why am I desensitized toward murder and violence on TV but not toward abortion? It's like I've put more weight on some sins and less on others--that's hypocritical.