Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quit talking, Becky.

I have a tough relationship in my life. (No, it's not Andy or anyone in my immediate family--in case you're trying to guess! ha!) I've tried and tried to love this person...but I seem to always come away feeling rejected. It's wearing. So my human response has been to quit trying. And from that attitude has come complaining about the situation.
So this morning, I was reading in Lamentations and got a whuppin' from the Lord.
"Let him sit alone uncomplaining and keeping silent [in hope], because [God] has laid [the yoke] upon him [for his benefit]." Lamentations 3:28.
It would seem God has an answer for everything! I think I'll go sit in silence and hope...uncomplaining, of course.

Addendum: I had a prayer partner stop by and she made this observation. Our hope is in God--and that He will use this yoke for our benefit. I think that's why I gave up---my hope has always been that God would make this a great relationship. But now my hope is that God will bring great benefit into my life through this yoke--He designed this particular yoking from the beginning, didn't He? No more yoking with my past and the offenses that lie there. I'm yoking for benefit. Ahhhhh.....I'm getting it...and I'll get there.


amy wright said...

I'm glad that you usually pave the way for me and I can learn before I get there! Thanks! Now I can focus on all the other 500 sinful issues in my life. :)

Becky Dietz said...

Just 500??? Man! You're getting off easy! Obviously, the sins of the fathers (or MOTHERS) wasn't passed down. PRAISE GOD!!!