Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet my prayer partners

They would kill me if they saw this. But not to worry....they never read my blog! Meet my prayer partners--Liz Holt (left) and Jodina Plumley (across from me). We've been praying together for about 15 years. When we started meeting, we weren't really friends--just acquaintances with mutual friends. And back then, we met at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays to pray. Mind you, this was when we had kids in school--which is exactly why we met that early.

Now we meet at 7:15 on Tuesdays. We usually meet in one of our homes, but on mornings like today when none of us have our lives together enough to host prayer time, we meet at a restaurant for breakfast and share what's going on in our lives and then we pray. You'd love hearing our prayer times in the restaurant. We just make prayer a natural part of our conversation---someone usually just breaks out into prayer when a topic is brought up. You'd never know we're praying. In fact, our waitress interrupted our prayer time and she never knew it. I love that. God is just there with us in our conversation.
And now? Now these 2 "girls" are more than friends, they're a part of me. And guess what? There's a 16 year span from the oldest to the youngest of us. Like Jodina always tells us, "I never would have chosen you for friends!" We're not sure we like it when she says that. (Can you guess who the youngest brat is?) But we like the way God did it.
My favorite quote from our prayer time today? After talking about our pastor's sermon on Sunday when he told us that we should thank God for the gift of tomorrow and all of the promises it holds, Jodina said this: "I sure am glad I thanked God for Monday on Sunday. I'm not sure I coulda thanked Him for it last night!" We're pretty honest with each other, too.


amy wright said...

I sure love those ladies because I know they've prayed for my bratty self plenty of times. Well, I love them whether they pray for me or not. They're just great ladies. :)

As We Are said...

Oh I love that. I would also love to have that someday myself. It is so good to see pics of Jodina!!

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

You ladies have been praying together for a long time!! Thanks for the times I know you've prayed for me! The best kind of friends to have are the ones God picks--I know that's been true in my life as well!

Lindsey said...

I know you girls have prayed for us tons and tons. We are thankful for you all! And, I pray God will bring me friends like that too!

The Simpson Life said...

It's Hodina, right? LOL!! Tell her "hi"!