Thursday, September 17, 2009

My tongue

Ember & I have taken up a challenge. We're fasting from complaining or being critical for 30 days. Well...actually, it's become 37 days. We started (or tried!) a week ago and then Jodina told us about this book, so now we're starting 30 days with Deborah. (Available at Mardel's in Amarillo--also online at CBD or Amazon) So it will be 37 days before it's all said and done. Whew! (I think I can, I think I can...)
We discussed it today. IT'S HARD!!! Do I have a witness out there??? I told Ember that God immediately began showing me what a complainer I really am---how negative my attitude is! If I'd been living in Egypt and left with the Israelites, I'd still be wandering in the wilderness.
For example: Facebook. Why is it that when I read something that hits me funny, that I immediately come up with a sarcastic remark? Just last week, I commented to someone and then wondered if he knew I was kidding. Well? If it's debatable, why say it? I'd rather be remembered as an encourager than someone who has a pithy comback! Right? I think...But then again, I really do like trying to be a wisecracker, or I wouldn't do it.
It feeds my flesh. That's it. My flesh is starved for some more self-absorption, recognition, and company. Why do I complain? Because I'm not satisfied.
Company. It's just not a good gripe session without company!! How can you be satisfied complaining all alone? Doesn't work. But just try and be in a crowd who's complaining...and refrain...and watch what happens. It's an interesting exercise.
Well....we've started this journey. You're welcome to join us...but beware. It's a minefield! In my first week, I've felt a little like a suicide bomber--exploding on everyone around me as I even try to become aware of my words. God, help us all!


amy wright said...

Have fun! :)

TheShermanFam said...

Well...I should have never said out loud yesterday that it was going good/fairly easy. S stepped up his game yesterday and I failed miserably!
Thanks goodness for a new day to start over!