Monday, September 7, 2009

Fasting Facebook and Blogs

"Let us test and examine our ways, and let us return to the Lord!" Lamentations 3:40

This is what I've been doing in my life recently. I found myself addicted to facebook and blogging. I have a personality that I give myself completely to whatever I'm doing. And I couldn't get on facebook without reading every single thing everyone posted. (Well...maybe with the exception of the multitude of tests or games that people do--those kind of drive me nuts!) And let me just say here at the outset that I don't think facebook or blogging are wrong (obviously). I believe they are amoral---it's all about what we do with them. (But I do believe they foster narcissism. Does anyone really care about what I'm doing every minute of the day???) But I found myself spending hours every day on both. The interesting thing is that I also was exhausted during this time. I would come home from work, get on my bed and log on. I would spend no energy that evening perusing facebook or blogs, but would wake up the next morning depleted.

So...I stepped back. I already knew I was spending more time with facebook than God. And I decided I needed to fast from the internet and devote myself completely to God and His Word. I wasn't completely ignoring God...but I had erected idols in my life. So I turned off my computer and opened my Bible. And God began to speak to me. I found out why I was so exhausted. I had "white noise" going on constantly around me. There was no silence in my life....I was never still before God. We live in the busiest time--ever!! It's hard to get still. It's hard to have silence. But I know it's necessary for our spiritual existence. I also found out that I was existing on spiritual junk food. And we all know what a diet of junk food will do to you. I was lethargic and growing fatter every day. I'd get my taste of God and then fill up on facebook and blogs for my steady diet. I was convicted that what I was doing was sin. Anything that comes before God is an idol---and I was worshiping at my high places.

During my fast, God began speaking to me. You know what it's like when you find that place of fellowship with God. It's a safe place for your heart. And what God showed me is that these are dangerous days. And Satan is setting many traps to keep me busy, keep me exhausted and to keep me worshiping anything or anyone but God. We're living in spiritually perilous times. But God wants me FOCUSED. I'm not going to be able to avoid the minefields that Satan has set unless I know where to place my feet. And I'm not going to do that unless I'm hearing God. The white noise has to be shut off. I need to devote myself to God and hear Him to be effective for His kingdom. If I want to be energized, I have to eat spiritual meat. And if I want to produce spiritual fruit, I have to be plugged into the vine---not facebook.

Will I be on facebook or blogging? Yes...I will. It's all about priorities and limitations for me. And it's constantly testing and examining my ways. I encourage you to do the same. It's time to return to the Lord!


Lindsey said...

This is full of truth. Over the last few weeks, I also have noticed myself constantly checking facebook to see if anyone had commented on my last post or written me anything. When they didn't, I was disappointed, so I found myself going back for more. It is junk food. My fulfillment can only come from the Lord--not my popularity on facebook or blogging. That's how junk food leaves you feeling--full, but still hungry for more because it's not really filling. My priorities were out of line, and I realized it about 10 days ago. Thanks for this post!

amy wright said...

I finally started shutting off my computer after I check my email in the morning...sometimes I turn it back right now. haha