Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New Year with Family

Jay & Amy decided to come see us in Groom and spend a few days.  We were so excited!  It's been so amazing to have our kids involved in our move and wanting to check out our new home--it's helped the transition and just given us a big "hug" in the process.

So last Saturday, we had some great help from family and new friends and went to the storage building in Borger to move our (HEAVY) furniture.  

The Bowens

We didn't even have a place for people to sit at our house--much less sleep there!  We couldn't have made the move without the help of Matt, the Bowens & the Langfords--what a sacrifice!!

When the Wright family got here, we gave them the tour of Groom and went to the gift shop at the cross.  It was my first time there as well and we were all very impressed.  They are standing in front of the frozen fountain here.

It was too cold to spend time outside, but we caught this quick photo!

And we made our way to Dairy Queen--one of the two restaurants in Groom.  Olivia especially liked the ice cream--with her fries.

I've always kept lots of dress-up clothes for the grandkids and we FOUND THAT BOX!  I think Olivia probably changed clothes 100 times while she was here.

On Tuesday, the rest of our family came over.  Addie & Olivia played dress-up together...

...while the boys watched The Lone Ranger.  (Dax, the two-year-old, wanted to come watch and these three warned me it was too violent for him.)  And it was obviously violent because the boys acted it out the rest of the afternoon.

The kids eating lunch.

Shanna tried to eat lunch and all of the munchkins attacked!

Gus riding in the car while keeping his left arm out the window the whole time.

Hadassah taking her baby on a ride.

Gus sitting with Aunt Lala and petting Betsy.

Me and my girls.

The guys taking it easy.

Dax got a "guitar" for Christmas from Uncle Jay & Aunt Mamy.  He took it out in the yard and sat down to play it.

The guys snitching cookies!

Four out of five of my granddaughters.  Caitlin was sick and didn't get to come.

What a great way to start a New Year--with family, in a new place ready to start new ministry.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about Groom.  We already love the wonderful people here.  We are so ready to see what great things God will do in 2014!

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