Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grandkid Week

This week started out with Ryan & Addie coming to spend the night with us.  We got to take them to their first-ever basketball game!

They watched the Groom Tigers/Tigerettes beat Hedley!  Then we headed to Dairy Queen for a burger and some ice cream.  We had a blast!

We took them home tonight and they played their new version of Jingle Bells for me.  Addie is actually taking piano lessons...but Ryan isn't.  He taught himself this tune and they created their own duet together.

I leave for the airport very early in the morning to go to Dallas.  I'll be there until Sunday with these yahoos!  Their mom & dad will be going to a conference and I'll be on school transport duty and homework duty.  (Pray for me--it's all about math!)  We'll have a blast!

 There's nothing better than building memories with grandkids!

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