Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It Happens Fast!

I've been overwhelmed lately on Facebook--watching your babies grow!  I've watched pregnancies blossom into these tiny precious babies and have enjoyed your growing baby photos.  And then the next day, that baby is three years old!  How does that happen so quickly?  

I know while you're in the baby stage, you think it will never end.  My kids, Zach & Shanna, are experiencing a sick baby who doesn't want to sleep and is fussy and I know they're so overwhelmed!  (Prayers appreciated!)  And you absolutely think there is no light at the end of the tunnel when you're taking care of sick babies, changing diapers, and dealing with clingy toddlers.  But there is.

Toddler days turn into school years.  And one thing we noticed while Andy was in youth ministry (before our own kids reached this point), once your kids hit middle school--watch out!!  It snowballs and will be over in the blink of an eye.

So what's the advice of this grandmother?  Know what your true treasure is. Investing in your family is the greatest investment you'll ever make.  I promise.  ENJOY the stage you're at right now.  Be intentional.  Make time for your family. You're the only one who can purpose to have family time and to have dinner together.  Talk.  Find out what your children's dreams are, how they think, who they like, what their struggles are.  Encourage their giftings--just not at the expense of the family.  I can't say it enough--don't overschedule their lives!!!  Leave room for play, imagination, REST, and especially time for your family to interact.  Their lives won't end if they're not involved in every sport.  It's good to learn how to make those kinds of choices while they're under your roof because the rest of their lives will be filled with choices!

I know it's hard to have perspective when you're in the middle of child rearing.  But it's over in a moment.  Invest in your true treasure.

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