Friday, January 17, 2014

Empty Nesters on the Move!

My children have only known one house where their grandparents have lived.  Both sets.  My grandchildren have known 4 houses where we have lived!  Of course, most were too young to even remember two of those houses, but we've now lived in 4 houses since we've had grandchildren.  There was one house in particular where most of their memories were made with us.

This house.

But we moved.  And we're not alone.  I don't know if God is doing a new thing...but there are lots of people (even among our acquaintances, friends & family) who are giving up their houses which echo with memories...for a new life.  And we're among them.

Where the generation before us has chosen to stay in one home and build memories, our generation seems to be on the move.  Some, like us, are following new jobs, but most seem to be chasing after relationship with those grandkids!  After all, memories are in our hearts and not just wrapped up in a place. 

I don't pretend to know what God is doing.  But He sure seems to be ShAkiNg ThIngS uP!

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