Saturday, January 4, 2014

Life's Adjustments

Yesterday, we finished our move to Groom.  YEA!!  We're so ready to be "all here" and get involved in our new community.  I won't lie...the journey has been difficult at times.  There are so many adjustments to make.  For instance, I couldn't even sleep the first week I was here--it was too quiet! heard me right....too quiet!  No traffic, no sirens...nothing but peace and quiet.  It's an adjustment I think I'll make quite easily, but it's an adjustment.  And did I tell you how bright the stars are in Groom??  AND...we're in the geese flight pattern!  It's amazing to hear a flock fly by honking!

We went to Borger yesterday and moved everything out of our storage unit and Andy swept it out.  Done!

The parsonage has a small basement.  I decided it was the perfect place to put our boxes of decorations so I could go through it at leisure and put things where they go.

We're so grateful for these shelving units!  When I worked at Living Water, I had to order some for that ministry.  So while I was at it, we bought some for ourselves.  They hold a LOT!  And even though it looks nice and neat, each box represents work.

These are boxes I have to go through--I still haven't found my coffee pot.

And more dishes to put up.

And trying to figure out if these curtains are washable.  Ugh.  So much stuff to wash to get rid of dust!

And pictures to hang!!  I have nothing on my walls yet. 

Even though Andy & I are very excited to be in Groom, it's been tough to leave Borger--a place where we've lived for 25 years--and where our kids grew up.  (I'm so grateful for the deep friendships we have there.  The good news is, we only live 40 minutes from Borger and can see our friends often!) God so gently and very sweetly told me one day as I sat in my new living room that I would soon be making new memories in our new home.  And wah-lah!  Within a few days, my whole family was here and we celebrated New Year's Eve together.  I didn't realize at the time how significant that was.  A new place, new memories, new ministry--on the crest of a new year.  God is so faithful!

It's been a year since Andy & I lived alone.  So we're adjusting to being alone again.  At the beginning of 2013, our daughter-in-law and two granddaughters moved in with us while Matt worked on their home.  What a sweet time--building memories with those two girls!  Priceless!  And then in March, we sold our home to our son, David & his wife, Lindsey.  So as Lisa and the girls moved out, David & Lindsey moved in and we moved to the basement and lived with our kids until we knew what we were doing.  That took 9 months...long enough to birth a new ministry.  And again, we built memories with that family.  It's a time I will always cherish.  It was much harder to leave them than I ever imagined.  

Change can be difficult.  But living things change and grow.  The thought that keeps going through my mind is that I could have gone my whole life and not known the people in Groom.  But my life is going to be richer because of friendships I've made/will make here.  And how exciting to get to heaven and already know the people from Groom!

Andy & I are making the adjustments.  It's been an emotional roller coaster and we're being stretched.  But God has transplanted us and I'm a girl who loves roots--deep roots.  And I'm believing God has put us in fertile soil where those roots will spread, go down deep, and grow.  I can't wait to live this new life!  

(And I keep seeing people driving golf carts in Groom!  I WANT ONE!)

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