Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Andy to Asia

Andy packing the important stuff

Andy and the medical team leave for Asia tomorrow at noon.  Man!  I wish I was going.  There are so many reasons....
  • It's the medical team--it's an adventure with them!
  • New people are going.  It's always so much fun seeing it through a new person's eyes--especially fun people's eyes.
  • Sarah had her baby!  She had a baby girl who weighs less than 5 pounds.  She asked Andy & I to give her baby an English name.  We chose Abigail...and we'll call her Abby.  (Andy's going to have to explain that one--we've never given any of the girls a name and a nickname.)
  • The team will be having a baby shower for Abby.  Oh I wish I was going to be there!  But I did convince our local shop to embroider some things with "Abby" on them with a rush.
People in Borger are so great to help out!
Have a great trip, team.
I'll get to go in June...

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Ronnie said...

Praying for them! I am with you - I wish I was going...really pray that I get to go next year! Love the name Abigail - so pretty!