Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dentist

You hear the dreaded words, "You need a filling!"  That's not as bad as it could be.  It could be a root canal or an extraction.  But a filling is pretty bad in my books!

To understand my fear, you have to go back 50 years--to Pampa, Texas.  (Did I really just say 1/2 of a century??)  My mother would take me and my older brother by the hand and we'd enter the Hughes Building in Pampa, TX.  We'd wait at the elevator which would eventually open and we'd greet the elevator operator.  (Yep...50 years ago.)  He'd take us up to the dentist's floor.  DR. BROCKLEY!  We'd go into the waiting room where my mother checked us in and I'd go and try to distract myself in front of the fish tank.  My brother and I wouldn't say a word.  We were too scared.  Eventually, our names would be called and we'd go back...there.  Together.  Since Bob was older, I'd have to endure watching him get his teeth filled while I waited my turn.  Bob did the unthinkable.  He whimpered.  And DR. BROCKLEY threatened to spank him.

So you can imagine my terror as I waited my own turn...and tried not to whimper.  Everything was more terrifying back then.  And. much. more. painful.  I can still remember the taste of my tooth being drilled.  I remember it hurting.  And I remember tears coming down my cheeks.  And I'm sure I whimpered.

I had a new filling put in a tooth today.  And as Dr. Hugh Goldston gave me about 3 shots, drilled the tooth and filled the tooth, I thought about DR. BROCKLEY.  Things have certainly changed!!  I never felt anything today.  And as Dr. Hugh Goldston worked on my tooth, I prayed for him.  I thanked God for such a good dentist who works with such great precision.  I asked God to bless his family.  And I praised Him that Dr. Hugh Goldston was nothing like DR. BROCKLEY!!! 

(If you need a good dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Hugh Goldston!)

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Kara said...

I would be mortified as well. EEEEKS. SPANKED? Really??? Yikes. That's probably why I NEVER acted out in elementary school, because I was too afraid of being spanked by the principal. Yikes. Glad you like the new age dentist and Brockley-Broccoli, Dave would say the name would stand out as BAD (he hates the veggie form)!