Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wrestling Match

From the time we're saved, we enter a wrestling match.  The struggle is between our flesh and God.  Who is in charge?  To whom will I submit?  Who do I trust more?

Eve was in the same battle.  God had given her everything.  Everything!  He only withheld one thing--for her own good.  But she began to fear.  Who was right?  The serpent whispering in her ear (feeding her flesh)...or God?  Would God really take care of her?  That fear turned into pride.  "I can take care of myself better than God can...or will."  And she ate.

This past year,   I asked my prayer partners, "I wonder what life would look like without fear?"  And I drew a line in the sand.  No more fear.  I purposed in my heart to walk fearlessly.  And I have to tell you, it's been a wrestling match.  But I've had a glimpse of what it's like to walk fearlessly now.  It's amazing.  Peaceful.  Victorious.

The wrestling match looks like this.  Satan either tells you things to draw you into fear or he throws circumstances into your life to cause fear and panic.  At that moment, you have a choice.  You can fear...or you can trust your amazing God.  Can you imagine how many things have come into my life since I drew that line?  Satan can't stand fearlessness.  He knows he's doomed when you become fearless.  And I can attest that it's an exhausting process.  It takes all of your (spiritual, emotional, physical) energy to stay alert.  You have to be willing to take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.  That's where Satan attacks--your mind.  He puts thoughts in your mind to draw you into fear.  And you have to take a stand.  And he keeps circling around to see if there's an open door so he can gain a foothold.  So it's not enough to say "NO!", you also have to keep standing.

I think of Jacob and his wrestling match with God.  Fear came in the form of a brother he had cheated.  He heard Esau was on his way.  He was prepared to appease him with gifts.  And that night, a "Man" (God in the flesh) wrestled with him--and God won.  God touched his thigh--so he'd always have a reminder of what it's like to have God win over fear.  God met Jacob there and revealed Jacob's heart to himself.  He saw the truth that he was a cheater.  But then....but then!  God's redemptive power moved in and his name was changed to Israel, "Contender with God."

Our wrestling match isn't just with Satan.  It's with God.  Who will we serve?  Who will we trust?  To whom will we submit?

Know are outmatched when it comes to wrestling with God.

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cyndy said...

Thankyou...I needed this God Is In Control....Is And Always Has Been, I rebuke Satan In the Name Of Jesus...Amen!!!