Wednesday, April 11, 2012

20 Years

Amy & Gary Sanders

Today, my younger brother, Gary, and his wife, Amy, are celebrating 20 years of marriage!  They met at Texas Tech Law School in Lubbock all those years ago and have both worked in thriving law practices and corporations.  Marrying Amy is undoubtedly the best decision Gary ever made.  As of now, they live in El Paso with plans to retire in Amarillo next year.  We couldn't be more excited!  These two have made so many investments throughout their marriage.  I'm sure they've made wise and sound financial investments, but I'm talking about eternal investments--in their nieces and nephews.  Ask the Sanders' grandchildren who their favorite aunt and uncle are and it's unanimous!  Gary & Amy.  And no one is jealous about that---the rest of us just can't keep up.  I love these two very, very much.  Thank you, Gary & Amy, for the investment in my kids and grandkids.  You are loved.


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Gary said...

Thanks, Big Sister! I love you.