Friday, April 13, 2012

April Birthdays!

Amy's seemed to follow in my footsteps---3 children with birthdays within a week!  These three kids had a birthday this week.  And it was a very big deal!

Isaac (right) was first.  He turned 9-years-old on Monday.
Josiah's 7th birthday was today!
(He also lost his 2nd tooth this week!)

Hadassah's 1st birthday was on Tuesday.

My brother's birthday was yesterday.
My sister's birthday is this Sunday.
My nephew's birthday is the 19th.
My mom's birthday is the 22nd.
My sister-in-law's birthday is the 25th.
(We love April.)

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Cheryl Dietz said...

Not to mention your cousin's wife, her oldest son, and 2 cousins' sons. Whew. I thought our April was crazy. You got us beat!!!