Monday, April 9, 2012

It's All About Him

The longer I live, the more I realize this life is all about Him.

As a baby, we're convinced it's all about us.  We cry...they feed us.  We cry...they change us.  We cry...they pacify us.  As a child, we're convinced it's all about us.  We play...they join us.  We create...they praise us.  We achieve...they reward us.  As a teenager, we're convinced it's all about us.  We dress...they make fun of us.  We test...they correct us.  We miss curfew...they punish us.

As young parents, we begin to understand it's not just about us.  They cry...we feed them.  They cry...we change them.  They cry...we pacify them.

By the time we have teenagers, we're pretty sure it's not about us.  They dress...we spend money so they're not made fun of.  They test...we console them or we correct their teachers.  They miss curfew...we worry, stress, and imagine the worst...and try to figure out a punishment that is fair and won't send them over the edge.

As grandparents, we know it's not about us.  They cry...we know they'll be fed.  God demonstrated His care of His people by feeding them manna.  He's promised to feed the sparrows--we know He'll take care of us.  We've seen Him do this over and over in our own lives.  They cry...we know they'll be changed.  God's love is limitless.  He's promised to change us into the likeness of His Son...from glory to glory!  We've been changed.  They cry...we know they'll be pacified.  He loves us and wants to comfort us so much that He sent The Comforter to live in our hearts.  He's comforted us consistently through the years.

I wish we were born knowing it was all about Him.  But then, we might miss the whole beautiful journey.  The journey that He designed for His glory.  He's just being faithful to Himself and to His Word.  It really is all about Him.

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