Monday, February 13, 2012

Prayers for Hadassah

Would you join me in praying for Hadassah as she comes home?

Pray that:

  1. Hadassah's spirit experiences "the Spirit of adoption" with Mom & Dad.  That she will feel safe and secure with them and know she belongs to them.
  2. Hadassah won't be overwhelmed with everything new taking place.
  3. She and her nannies will have a sweet departure from one another.
  4. Hadassah won't be overstimulated as she goes through airports and sees so many faces and new things.
  5. Hadassah will get great sleep on the will her mom & dad.
  6. Hadassah responds well to her brothers and sister at their first meeting.
  7. There is minimal jet lag for Dad, Mom & Hadassah.
  8. This family falls in love and bonds quickly and settles into their new routine.


cyndy said...

My Prayers including Comfort & Joy for a Long and Healthy Life. Amen & Congratulations To Yor Entire Family Again!
In Jesus Love,
Mr. & Mrs.Kelvin & Cyndy Hall

The McCown's said...

I am nearly overwhelmed with tears of joy as I type this....agreeing in prayer with you!!!

Ronnie said...

Been praying for all of you during this time of's a lot for everyone to take in and adjust to!

As We Are said...

Oh my goodness Becky, I just can't believe it! They are coming home. I know you are all beside yourselves to be all together! It makes me want to make a trip to DFW VERY soon!!! Enjoy this sweet time, and I am praying all of that with you all.