Saturday, October 3, 2009


If any of you are interested in having a sketch done by our friend, the artist in Asia, let me know. If you're wanting it for Christmas, we need to do it quickly. The cost is $50 per face and it is about an 8x10. This includes the sketch and shipping from Asia. But if you order more than one sketch, you can reduce the price by $5 per sketch after the first sketch. They make great gifts for parents, grandparents and friends! You can see what they look like above. The photo has to be a close-up with great detail of the face. And you can do a photo of 2 people together as long as you can see details in each face. They're still $50 per face. I'm sorry I didn't think to offer this sooner for Christmas, but if you're interested, let me know! You can email me the photos at and I can tell you if they're the quality she's looking for. We need to move quickly if you're wanting it for Christmas!

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Sandra said...

One of the best gifts I gave my mother-in-law was her wedding picture sketched! She told me I sit and stare at it instead of the T.V.