Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ryan's first football game!

Ryan got to go to his first football game last night. I'd sent all of the grandkids a Borger Bulldog's tshirt and when Ryan got his, he said he wanted to go to a football game. Since Lindsey & the kids were here last night, Pops took Ryan to his first game ever. Lindsey, Addie & I had a girl's night at the house.

This is the loot Ryan brought home. I think he hit the jackpot---sitting in the reserved seat section with a bunch of adults and being the cute little kid he is, made for lots of loot!

Ryan & Pops just back from the football game. They made it through half-time.

THANKS, Pops, for taking me to the football game!

And then Ryan got the camera and was taking our picture---he even posed us. Pops was putting bunny ears behind me (unbeknownst to me) when Ryan said....

"Do three now, Pops!" (And we both lost it!)

First Video: Ryan was in rare form when he got home from the game. I think he'd had a little sugar while watching football. His mom took a sniff of him and told him he needed a bath because he smelled like a football player. The first video is of him trying to smell his arm pits. Hysterical!!!

The second video is of him and Pops playing football. He was loving it!


Emily Suzanne said...

This is so cute! Boys and football - priceless!

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

that made me laugh--Ryan not getting the bunny ears--and then to see your face--I could just hear that Becky laugh!

Lindsey said...

I still can't believe he stuck his finger in his armpit and then smelled it! Thank you Pops for taking him to his first football game! I'm sure there will be many more to come!

Mendi said...

I love those pictures. The video was hilarious!

Amy said...

I like the picture of all of his loot. I can guess where it all came from. :)
The picture of Dad and Ryan is cute. I'm glad he got to go to the game with Pops!