Saturday, October 24, 2009

My unofficial survey

I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised at the results of my poll. Out of 30 people participating, 12 had not felt rejected by a parent on a consistent basis. I would have expected those numbers to be much lower.
The bad news was that 13 had. And 5 had felt rejected occasionally by parents. I expect that I have a bunch of loving families represented by my blogger friends. I also suspect if it were an official nationwide poll, the numbers of those feeling rejected on a consistent basis by a parent would be through the roof!
God doesn't give us permission to carry a grudge. In fact, he tells us to cancel the debt others owe us. And like I said in my earlier post, we're commanded to love. We're not commanded to have relationship. After all, it takes 2 people to have a relationship. God doesn't have relationship with everyone, yet he loves everyone. We're commanded to do the same.
REJECTION HURTS!! And it may take years to work through it. I think God knows that. And as long as we're in the process and our hearts are open, he graces us. Not only does he grace us, he loves us through it. He wants to heal our hearts. Actually, he loves us and graces us whether we work through it or not. But I think it breaks his heart if we choose to set up our tent in Camp Rejection.

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