Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girl's Night

I'd been missing my girls. They don't live that far away, but they've reached that age where they're involved in several activities, so it's just not as easy to get together anymore. But I took a chance and called them this morning to see if I could work in a visit today. So we agreed for me to come for dinner and to just hang out. (Pops stayed home with his new medicine that's making him sleepy.)

Alexis (left) chose where we ate tonight. Mr. Gattis! Why not?
Fun food, fun movie, and fun games!

Alexis rode the bumper cars by herself the first time. But then Caitlin wanted to ride with her.

They had a blast!

This was a like a roller coaster ride. At one point, Alexis put her arms over her head.

They even tried their hand at grabbing a stuffed animal. After Mr. Gattis, we went to find a book for everyone at Mardel's and then met mom & dad (who had a date) at Cold Stone for some ice cream. It was a fun girl's night! Caitlin was nervous that we'd spent so much money that she tried leaving some of her money in my car seat. LOL! I managed to get it to her dad. Two pretty sweet peas!


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Well, Matt & Lisa are doing something right if she tried to leave you money!! They are getting so big!

amy wright said...

Aw, I miss those girls, too. The picture of Alexis' face on the roller coaster is so funny. And Caitlin is thoughtful, as always.

Knock On Wood said...

what a fun guh you are!

Becky Dietz said...

Well, Allison, I'm actually "Gran" with this set of grandkids! LOL! They're the oldest and named me Gran. Amy's set calls me "Gee." And the youngest call me "Guh." I've never known grandkids to change the name once it was set! Guess it proves we have some strong wills in this family! LOL! (Can't imagine where they get it!!)

Lindsey said...

Oh thoughtful Caitlin! Looks like you girls had fun, although I can't imagine anything else.