Friday, October 16, 2009


We had a death in the Living Water family this week. Terry was a client who'd been coming to LW for some time. She went to visit her daughter in Oklahoma and had a heart attack and died there. It was shocking. She'd been ill with a hernia that was infected and I'm wondering if that led to her heart attack. I don't know. But she wasn't old---she has young adult children. And they don't know what to do. They don't have money for a funeral. I checked with our county---because they do burials if the family doesn't have the money to pay for one. But because she died outside of our county--even though she lived here--they can't help. So I called the funeral home in Oklahoma that was holding her body and they told me that Oklahoma isn't set up that way---they don't do county burials. Everyone was frustrated. The funeral home wanted to know what to do, the family was desperately trying to raise the money for the most basic of help, was just sad.
But there was a ray of hope in the midst of it all. This woman was a believer. There was fruit in her life. So I checked our records and found where she'd prayed to receive Christ into her heart in 2007. That was so amazing. And it gave us all such hope. made me want to redouble my efforts at Living Water. It's such a mission field---and those fields are ripe!
Please be praying for Terry's family.

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