Thursday, May 5, 2016

Your Name

plural noun: names
  1. 1.
    a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.
    "my name is Parsons, John Parsons"
  2. 2.
    a famous person.
    "as usual, the big race will lure the top names"
    synonyms:celebritystarsuperstarVIPleading lightbig nameluminaryMore

I've been doing some intensive study on names.  Are our names important?  What's behind your name?  And more importantly...who does God say you are?  Here are some things I've discovered...

Your name IS important.  God gave Adam the authority to name each creature.  So it wasn't a far-fetched idea when he named the woman God had given him--Eve.  God had given him that authority.  This came after Eve had sinned.  I think this indicates Adam knew sin had messed up God's perfect plan.  So Adam was renaming her back into life.  Woman or Ishshah meant "womb man."  Eve or Chavvah means "life spring, life giver."  Adam means "man made from the earth."

God also changed names of some people.  He changed Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.  As I studied this, I saw that God gave a portion of His name to both--the Hebrew letter ה "he" or breath of God.  God breathed into Abram and made him Abraham.  Abram means "exalted father and Abraham means "father of a multitude or many nations."  So God's breath brought expansion!  He did the same with Sarai and she became Sarah.  Sarai means "my princess" and Sarah means "Princess."  The connotation is that her kingdom expanded from one family to include many.  God changed Simon's "God has heard" name to Peter "rock."  And then God promised He would build his church on that rock--probably of Peter's revelation of who Christ was.  Expansion.  God has breathed on each of us as we receive Christ as our savior. The Spirit (pneuma) is breath.  Jesus breathed the Spirit on His disciples.  He breathes on us, too. And I believe it brings expansion for who He's created us to be...and then we are transformed from glory to glory.

In the Hebrew and Greek languages, when a name is spoken, it's the same as saying the meaning of the name.  So if I were to say Jesus in Greek, you would immediately know I was saying "Jehovah is salvation."  If I said Esther in Hebrew, you'd know I was saying, "Star."  It's kind of like me saying Hershey's Kiss in English.  What picture does that bring to your mind?  This?

Just like you imagined this when I said Hershey's Kiss, your name brings an image to mind.  Isn't that amazing?  You can google your name.  I've found the best way to find the meaning to your name is to google it this way:  "meaning of name ______"  You may have to search a few different ways if you have an unusual name.  Most of our last names have a location as the meaning or the "son of" someone.  Those are descriptive meanings to separate Bob by the hill from Bob, son of Peter.  If you're Bob Peterson (son of Peter), look up the meaning of Peter because most sons take on the characteristics of their father.

It can become complicated.  But God wants us to know what our names mean.  It's significant to who we are and who He created us to be.  Through your name, you'll begin to even find your purpose.  Don't you think Abraham knew he was meant to be a father over a multitude?  So he was given skills to rule and lead.  His heart was also bent towards following God.

If you're a believer, you have the Spirit (breath) living in you.  He's there to instruct you.  Ask Him to show you what your name means.  Every name you have or that has come into your life (maiden name, mother's maiden name) is significant to who you are.  Let me give you the meaning of my name as an example:
  • Becky--trap
  • Darlene--darling
  • Childress (mother's maiden name)--orphan/orphanage
  • Sanders (maiden name)--helper of mankind
  • Dietz (married name)--ruler of the people                          
Putting it all together, what does it mean?   I am a precious child of God.  My mind and spirit have become a trap to contain all God wants to teach me.  Satan tried to convince me I was an orphan, but God's good plan was for me to become a life-giving and life-sustaining house for orphans.  I am a womb sharing the life of God with others.  My greatest desire is to share that life with all of mankind which I know can help change their lives and they, too, can become precious children of God.  I rule and influence the people God has given me with life, grace, and compassion.  I am meant to shelter, sustain, and help God's people--all because I know how much God truly loves me.  I've received life and I share that life with others.  (Which, by the way, is why this blog is called Life to LIFE!)

This is my purpose.  And it's all in my name.

And then there is a Name that is above every name.  Jesus!  And for Jesus to be called the name above every name indicates that our names are significant...His is just MORE SIGNIFICANT!

Who are you?

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